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Koppa Kudaku (K(コッパ)クダク, Koppa Kudaku?) is a crocodile-like Japanese original Bakugan from the Bakugan Armors series.

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' (爆丸新シリーズ!アーマーズシリーズ登場!アーマーシステムという機体がコア・スキル・属性の3つに分解され、他のアーマーズ爆丸とスキルチェンジ、属性チェンジが可能になった!Kクダクのスキルは「オレイドー」。爆丸セット前に“オレイドー”を宣言!スタンドすると、ゲートカードごと別の場所に移動できるぞ!?)

Physical Game

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Ability Card(s)

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Useable Skill

Koppa Kudaku's default Skill Arm comes with the Useable Skill called O-raid (オレイドー, Oreidō?) which allows you to freely move the Bakugan to any adjacent Gate Card surrounding the Gate Card on which Bakugan stood.


Koppa (木端) is the Japanese for splinter. 'Kudaku' is derived from the Japanese for to smash, 砕く (kudaku).


  • Koppa Kudaku was once named Earth Crocodile (土​鰐, Tsuchi-wani?) tentatively.[1] 
  • Koppa Kudaku is the only Bakugan Armors that does not have any Sole Parts by default.  However, the Kudaku Core part can accommodate Sole parts from other Bakugan Armors.


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