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Kazami Family Feud is the eighty-seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


When the AO realize that Ichiro is keeping a Golden Bakugan captive, they are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils;


Kazami International Holdings has perfected the Core Cell Extractor to create the Anti-Bakuzon Force Field, an alert rings, the intruder is - Masato Kazami! Masato has changed, he has become older, he tells them that the fortress shouldn't exist and flees before the defense system attacks him.

The AO and Riot meet with Masato, who has changed. Masato reveals he found a Maze gateway the Maze, he ran away not wanting to show his face after his failure. Surviving was hard, he had no desire to leave until he ran out of strength, but Serpenteze followed him because he cared about his partner. Masato thought he lost everything, but he learned he couldn't see what was beside him, his partner Bakugan. He wanted to learn more about Bakugan, it appears he was in the Maze for 10 years (time flows differently in the Maze). Masato discovered a golden Bakugan named Goreene.

Masato learned about Tiko, the V Virus, Vestroia and the Core Cells. Masato spoke with Ichiro to warn about the V Virus but Ichiro decided to capture Goreene and wouldn't listen. President Kazami has captured Goreene to power up the Anti-Bakuzon Shield, Masato has come back to stop Ichiro. Ichiro sends out Serpenteze to break Goreene out by force, Shun leaves with Fade Ninja.

Shun pleads for his father to stop sacrificing Goreene, but Ichiro says its the only way to save the world. Masato tells Ichiro that if the Bakugan work together they can save the world. Masato breaks into the base and commands Serpenteze to use Hydro Blade to destroy the machine before Fade Ninja uses Silent Snare to stop Serpenteze.

Meanwhile, the posessed Toshi has planted a device to allow Tripp, Brakken, and the giant Bakuzon to attack the base.

Featured Brawls

  • Masato Kazami (Serpenteze) vs Koda (Mantonoid) and Keiko (Nobilious) = No outcome

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