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Kato's Airship

Kato's Airship (Japanese version: Helijet (ヘリジェット, Herijetto?) is an airship that Kato uses to get the Battle Brawlers around, and to their destinations.

In the first three seasons, it has an orange outline and mostly white in color. It is bigger in size, has bedrooms for the brawlers to sleep, and has a hangar on the back side, where it was used to exit the airship.

It does not appear in the Arc 1 of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, but returned in Arc 2, albeit smaller than the one used from previous seasons. It is now blue in color, and has a scanner, mostly used for scanning Bakugan data.


  • So far, it has appeared in every season.
  • It seems to function as a airplane.