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Katie Lowery is a Haos brawler in the manga Bakugan: The Evo Tournament. Her Guardian Bakugan was Chamelia, but it was sent to the Doom Dimension by Masquerade. Her new Guardian Bakugan became Mecha Chamelia, built by her father to replace the partner she had lost.


Bakugan: The Evo Tournament[]

Her father had been holding various Evo Tournaments, which Katie had been the champion of. During this time, Mecha Chamelia revealed he had been syphoning G-Powers from Bakugan, which caused minor memory loss in order to increase his own strength, and be recognized as a real Bakugan. Katie didn't deactivate Mecha Chamelia, ignoring his wiping of people's memories.

It is revealed that before Shun Kazami had met the Brawlers, he personally knew Katie and offered to help her with her battle skills in an upcoming match. He made a deal: if she was able to defeat him, he would let her use some of his Ability Cards. Katie lost, however and never spoke to him again. Later, Shun's cards were stolen.

Online, she goes by the name "Cybrawler" and struck up a friendship with Marucho, under the name "Bakubrain". It is likely that Marucho developed a crush on her and, as a result of this relationship he became immediately insulted when Shun suggested that she had been behind the memory wipes. Marucho doubted that she was responsible.


  • Chamelia (Former Guardian Bakugan) (Sent by Masquerade to the Doom Dimension, mostly likely freed by the Legendary Warriors)
  • Mecha Chamelia (Guardian Bakugan)


  • Marucho seems to have a crush on her.
  • Shun refers to her as a hyper competitive girl.