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John Stocker is a Canadian voice actor and director. He is the father of Bailey Stocker. He voiced Naga and Nova Lion in Bakugan Battle Brawlers, as well as Zenoheld in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia.

Other Notable Roles[]

  • Mayor Swifty (Sidekick)
  • President Skillsworthy (3 Amigonauts)
  • Kutlass (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Thompson (The Adventures of Tintin)
  • Beastly (The Care Bears Family)
  • Rocky (Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends)
  • Mr. Harry (The Cramp Twins)
  • Rabbit (Garfield and Friends)
  • Father Time (Cyberchase)
  • Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl (Dinosaucers)
  • Dulok Scout, Hoom, Widdle, (Star Wars: Ewoks)
    • Vlix (Star Wars: Droids)
  • Longarm (C.O.P.S.)
  • Toad, Koopa Troopa, Mouser (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
  • Gluckuck (The Neverending Story)
  • Leech, Graydon Creed Jr. (X-Men: The Animated Series)
  • Zetes/Polemius/2nd Soldier/2nd Guard (Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend)
  • Zookeeper, Evan, Robot (The Amazing Spiez!)
  • Bedhead, Seth, The Brain (Totally Spies!)
  • Raye's Grandpa, Mr. Magic Pierrot, Biribiri (Sailor Moon)
    • Oranja (Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole)
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • Taru Tate, Bartender (Beyblade)
  • Guardian of the Souls, Nanook (Redakai: Conquer the Kairu)
  • Ultron (The Avengers: United They Stand)
  • Ethos (Di-Gata Defenders)
  • Lupo (Fix & Foxi and Friends)