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Irisca is a Super Assault is a Bakugan that resembles an eye with tentacles.



Irisca is a Super Assault Bakugan. His massive eye allows him to see brawlers coming from miles away. He has thin tentacles that give electric shocks to his opponents during battle. The multiple bladed tentacles allow him to attack the enemy from different sides making him hard to defeat.

Physical Game[]

Irisca is the fourth Bakugan in the BakuBolt series. It was released in Wave 4 along with Ziperator, Quakix Gorem, and Gyrazor.

A Ventus Irisca has 850 Gs and an Aquos Irisca has 900 Gs.

Irisca's Victory Scream on Bakugan Dimensions


  • Its ball form is similar to Lumitroid, while its Bakugan form is very similar to Tentaclear.
  • Unlike other light up Bakugan, Irisca's light spins in a circle when you open it on a Gate Card.
  • In the Russian language, Iriska means "toffee."