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An example of an Interrupt Defense.

Interrupt Defense was a type of defense on Bakugan Dimensions, where the opponents attack can result in things like being dodged, moving to a different range, giving a counterattack, etc. Although most Interrupt Defenses are Dodge Backs, not all of them are. For an example Steady Advance, Avalanche Rush and Growing Storm etc. There are also interrupts that can be a combination of interrupt types. Some attacks for example, Flaming Uppercut ignores Interrupt defenses. When these attacks are used, the attack will hit and will not be subject to any effects of the interrupt.

Basic Interrupts[]

  • Dodge Back: Removes one range from the opponent's attack. If it is unable to reach after that, the attack is dodged. Exceptions are moves that hit at any range. They will always hit through dodge backs, unless there is an exception in the move description.
  • Dodge to Far: Makes every range like far range. If an attack doesn't reach far, it will be dodged.
  • Counter Attack: Before the attack hitting the interrupt does damage. The attacker will take counter-damage. This damage is usually either weak or light damage.