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Hylash (Japanese Version: Slash スラッシュ) was Shun Kazami's Bakugan Trap, in the shape of an oval cylinder. Shun calls him him 'Slash', its Japanese name, as shown in The Day New Vestroia Stood Still, Samurai Showdown, and All for One.



Hylash is a Bakugan Trap that links to Ingram to increase power. He has huge shields attached to his shoulders for protection and spikes protruding from his chest to pulverize enemies. His massive legs allow him to run in circles around slower opponents. Beams of light shoot from the diamond on his forehead to destroy enemies.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Hylash first appears in episode 6, when Shun aids Dan in New Vestroia. He and Ingram team up and take down Premo Vulcan and Viper Helios but was knocked out when Viper Helios attacked him. In episode 9, it is first shown that he can merge with Ingram to form High Mobility Mode. Some abilities that apply for Ingram also boost his power like Thunderbolt Torrential Wave and Double Fangs - Jade Wind Shot.

In episode 15, he helps Ingram with High Mobility Mode to try to take down Hades but failed.

In episode 30, he helps Shadow Wing, Storm Skyress, and Master Ingram beat Lync. Also, Shun nicknamed Hylash calling him 'Slash' (as this may only be a mistake or another country's name for it). Hylash also combined with Storm Skyress instead of Ingram.

In episode 36, he helped Master Ingram along with Shadow Wing and Saint Nemus to fight and defeat Volt's Boriates.

In episode 51, he brawls the Alternative and Farbros with the other members of the Bakugan Resistance. He and Master Ingram battled the Alternative until he got blasted by one of the Alternative's cannons and was killed. He was avenged when the Brawlers destroy the Alternative Weapon and when Zenoheld was killed by Hydron.

Ability Cards[]

  • Thunder Power - Glimmering Slash: Adds 200 Gs to Hylash.
  • Claw Thunder Position - Kagenui: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Thunder Strike Open: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Hylash.


  • Hylash was defeated in every single battle it had participated in the anime.
  • In the anime, the spikes on the shield face the center, while the real one has to face up while one goes straight up.
  • Hylash is the only Bakugan Trap who participated at the Final Battle against Zenoheld and died.
  • Hylash is one of 2 Traps shown to die onscreen, the other being Hexados.