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Battle Gear? That sounds like nothing more than a gimmick to me, Spectra.

Hydron (ハイドロン, Haidoron?) is the secondary antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. He was King Zenoheld's only son, the Prince of Vestal, leader of New Vestroia, and commander of the Vexos. He possessed the petrified statues of five of the Six Soldiers that saved Vestroia: Tigrerra, Gorem, Preyas, Skyress, and Hydranoid. His initial goal in the first half of the season was to "complete his collection" by getting his hands on Drago. After Spectra and Gus' defection, Hydron became the new Subterra brawler for the Vexos, using Dryoid as his Guardian Bakugan. He quickly proves to be a powerful brawler in his own right despite his talk. But his successes are short-lived as the Vexos begins to fracture from within.


In his first appearance, Hydron was shown to be very spoiled and bratty, as his only concern in the first arc was to complete his collection of petrified Bakugan. He was a very ruthless and heartless person. In BT: The Final Battle, when his Bakugan's attack managed to blow Mira Fermin away, Dan Kuso criticizes him by saying "You creep! Who hurts a girl like that?!" He responded with "Boy? Girl? All I see is brawler!"

Unlike most members of the Vexos, Hydron seemed to have no problem with the Alternative Weapon System, despite his father's plan to destroy the universe. In Volt's Revolt, he freaked once he lost to Volt, and used a Death Bomb on him, narrowly escaping being dragged in himself by Volt. Afterwards, he defeated and sent Lync Volan to the same place as punishment for betraying him and sending the Alternative System data to Alice.

In An Heir To Spare, Hydron is shown to care about Dryoid, and during his battle against Zenoheld, when the king activated Land Pressure, Hydron believed in Dryoid that he could overcome Land Pressure's effect. Dryoid seemed to become self-aware and showed some degree of partnership, despite his inability to speak.

Unlike his father, Hydron was willing to accept that he already lost his prince title and didn't seem to care anymore about being referred as such in the second half.

Hydron disregarded his former home planet, telling Volt upon returning that it was even worse from when he had left it.

Towards the end of the series, Hydron began to grow unstable. He began screaming and twitching whenever he was in anger, which was first demonstrated when he lost a battle to Volt.

Hydron seemed to hate people that referred to him as "his father's son" and called him weaker than his father as shown in Ultimate Weapon, where Gus tricked him into starting a brawl after calling him Zenoheld's lapdog, he also hates being called a "spoiled brat" by Mylene, Volt, and Spectra Phantom.

Hydron had a habit of twirling a lock of his hair around his index finger.

In spite of this however, most of Hydron's actions are largely motivated by a desire to be acknowledged by his father and prove his worth. When Zenoheld brushes off Hydron's accomplishments and tells him to stop bothering him, Hydron reaches his tipping point. He ultimately decides to oppose his father, even going as far as to ensure Zenoheld's death at the cost of his own life.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Very little is known about Hydron's life prior to Season 2. What was clear was that he had a negative relationship with his father, King Zenoheld, who constantly complained of his son disappointing him by not firmly putting New Vestroia under Vestal control, and calling him a failure. Hydron also seemed to be scared of his father to some degree, as he panics whenever his father grows angry, and goes out of his way to avoid blame being placed on him for failures out of fear of punishment. This is first notably displayed in Final Countdown, when Hydron starts shaking and panicking after Mylene tells him they're leaving New Vestroia, stating Zenoheld will "blame everything on him."

He was shown to be quite arrogant, and he thought very highly of himself, to the point where others referred to him as "a spoiled brat". It is unclear as to whether he had any actual experience in brawling despite wanting to take on the Resistance himself; however, it appears that Hydron is a very strong Subterra brawler while using his Bakugan Dryoid, a mechanical Bakugan created by Professor Clay.

At some point off-screen, Prince Hydron obtained several Bakugan, including the powerful Hydranoid and Skyress.

Hydron is first seen contacting Spectra Phantom on the disturbance in the perfect core. Hydron later learns on Drago's existence, and orders the Vexos to deliver the Bakugan for his personal collection by any means necessary.

He later sends the Bee to spy on the Resistance, and makes sure Spectra and his Vexos know to take care of them. Despite the fact that Gus Grav did defeat Dan, the lack of an obtained Drago angered Hydron, so he commanded Spectra to do as such. However Spectra says he will take Neo Dragonoid for himself and not give it to hydron.

When the Resistance destroyed the Alpha City controller, an upset Hydron tells Spectra to work on improving his efforts, believing that taking out Dan would automatically give him Drago. He later hears Runo's voice when she tries to go into New Vestroia, and Hydron decides to send Shadow Prove to block the gate so Runo Misaki could stay trapped in there, which failed. Lync Volan is shown reporting Spectra and Gus's actions to him.

A few days later, he spies on Ace, Shun, and Marucho and orders Mylene Farrow, Volt Luster, and Shadow Prove to take care of the Resistance and make sure they don't get near Beta City, which Hydron's minions achieve He is later taking to Mylene about making sure the portal opens so Spectra can return, possibly knowing that Spectra has Drago with him.

When Lync returns to New Vestroia, he talks to him, asking about Spectra and tells the Ventus Bakugan user to keep spying on Spectra. Later, as Mira officially joins the Vexos, Spectra takes her to meet with Prince Hydron, to which he knows that she is the daughter of Professor Clay. He orders her to help bring him Drago and later gets a call from King Zenoheld, telling him how he must make sure Beta City's controller doesn't get broken, which Prince Hydron tells him he has the Vexos guarding it. He then contacts Mylene, telling her to divide and conquer and to leave Dan to him, saying how he has Bakugan to fight with. He also orders Lync to spy on Spectra.

When Hydron discovers Mira and Gus battling Dan and Ace with his Bakugan, Spectra tells him that once the Resistance is doomed and they aren't worth his time. The prince agrees, unaware of Spectra's real plan.

He later watches Drago and Helios fight, saying that he should fight Dan with his mechanical Bakugan, only to be told by Lync that Spectra stole both sets, much to his anger. When Shun, Mira, and Marucho, arrive at his place he confronts them, demanding they leave. Despite Marucho's anger at Hydron, Mylene manages to calm his nerves some and manages to convince the prince to blame Spectra for the broken controllers, only for an enraged Hydron to attempt to kill his henchmen as he and Dan fight. Hydron and the Vexos then leave New Vestroia.

In between the first and second arcs, Hydron fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed their lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space. Although his royal title was stripped away as a result, Hydron didn't seem terribly resentful about it.

In Revenge of the Vexos, Hydron became the new Subterra Vexos brawler, in order to replace Gus after he had left. Hydron also obtained a new outfit in the second season, and when he was sent to Vestal to get the Haos Energy from Baron Leltoy, he bought a pair of sunglasses while strolling around. Once he encountered Baron, he challenged him to a brawl for the Haos Energy, who readily agreed. Hydron then revealed that he was no longer a prince, thanks to the Bakugan Brawler Resistance, due to them revealing to the Vestal people that Bakugan were living creatures, causing the people to rebel against the royal family for lying to them. Soon after the brawl had begun, he defeated Saint Nemus and Piercian with only Dryoid, thus releasing the Haos Energy and powering his father's machine. He didn't have a Bakugan Trap. Hydron was cruel and tended to brawl until his opponent pleaded for mercy, which pleased him immensely, much to his opponent's dismay.

As he arrived back with the other Vexos, Mylene states that he should work on his stealth, because he may have alerted the other Brawlers. However, he shrugs it off, saying that she was jealous of him for claiming the first Attribute Energy. Mylene seemed angered, but didn't question him further.

InSaved By the Siren He tells his dad about his victory and how Mylene is going to get an energy to prove she is a good brawler.

InSpectra Rises, he arrives to taunt his Allies about their failure to beat the Brawlers while he beat Baron. He mocks Lync for losing to Shun Kazami asking him where is fire was when he battling. Shadow then told Hydron not to be smug just because he beat a "newbie" like Baron.

In Shadow Attack, He listened to Spectra's speech angry at his lies. He then developed a plan to lure Dan Kuso and the rest of the Resistance back to Earth by having Alice get defeated by Shadow Prove. Hydron planned to brawl Dan and defeat him to take the Pyrus energy.

InBrontes' Betrayal, He asks Volt why he is so grumpy believing it was due to the fact that Spectra cut in front of him to battle the Brawlers. Volt eventually leaves telling the others to be quiet.

In Elfin On the Run, he and Shadow Prove face Marucho, Preyas, and Minx Elfin. Although they lost, they still managed to get the Aquos Attribute Energy into the BT system, since Elfin sacrificed herself in the battle, making Preyas finish the battle alone. He then returned to the Vexos Motherpalace with Shadow and gloated to himself over how irritated Mylene would be when she realized that he stole another Attribute Energy while she still had only taken one.

In Avenging Spectra, Hydron becomes shocked when he sees that the Brawlers have found the place. He believes it was thanks to Spectra that they found it. He later appears along with the rest of the Vexos when Spectra and Gus show up and threaten King Zenoheld to leave the brawlers alone. He then insults Spectra with the other Vexos telling Spectra he properly came to help the Brawlers and then telling him to leave. After this he eats dinner with the Vexos and gets shocked when Gus takes Zenoheld hostage.

he is shown watching the Brawlers attempts to travel in the palace during Ambush. He then orders Shadow to attack the Brawlers and take their attribute energy with the later bringing Lync with him. When Dan and Mira arrive to the battlefield, he awaits them asking Dan for the Pyrus energy.

In BT: The Final Battle, he battled Dan Kuso, Mira Fermin, and Spectra Phantom with Zenoheld, winning against Mira, and knocking her unconscious much to Dan's anger, but losing against Dan and Spectra due to Spectra using Twin Destructor on Helios MK2. Zenoheld won against them, obtaining the Pyrus energy, but Farbros was damaged in the process.

When the BT system is about to launch in Exodus he taunts the brawlers saying there is no way they would win. However, he gets proven wrong when Drago absorbed the energies causing Hydron to get worried about facing his father's wrath.

Because of their loss, Hydron was held by the collar by Zenoheld and was accused of failing, until Mylene told him it was Professor Clay's fault, for creating Dryoid with the weaknesses that lead to the failure.

In Volt's Revolt, it was shown that Hydron thought of the other Vexos members (excluding his father) as dogs, telling Volt to be "a good little doggie," much to the Haos brawler's fury. Although he lost the brawl after pursuing Volt for his betrayal, he used a Death Bomb on Volt, possibly sending him to another dimension, or even killing him. After his defeat at Volt's hands, he became very unstable and enraged, possibly because he was so determined for victory. Upon Volt's disappearance into another dimension, Hydron screamed "I defeated him! ... I won!" while staggering backwards, showing that he doubted his strength to actually get rid of him.

In Payback, Zenoheld sent him after Lync, who had taken the blueprints of the Alternative with unknown motives. He confronted Lync on Earth, in front of Alice's house. After Lync tests his patience by feigning innocence, Hydron noticed Alice and realized she was why Lync betrayed the Vexos. When Lync tells him to leave her alone, Hydron remarks that Alice is a pretty name, then continuing to say it was a "shame" that Alice will "turn to dust" after the completion of the Alternative. Lync retorts that Hydron is the one who should "turn to dust" and insults him further by claiming his only motivation was to win his father's approval. While he is infuriated by the remark and denies it, it ends up being true when Hydron was hurt and confused when Zenoheld, instead of praising him, roughly dismisses him for defeating Lync.

In Mylene's Meltdown, Hydron appeared in a flashback of Mylene's. He warned Mylene that if she failed, he would "be forced to deal with her, just like with Lync and Volt." This never comes to pass, however, as she and Shadow disappear together after she uses a Death Bomb in Bakugan Interspace, causing it to collapse with them still inside.

In An Heir To Spare,With the Vexos' numbers thinned down to only Zenoheld, Hydron, and Clay, Zenoheld became angry with him for not retrieving the Phantom Data, and punished Hydron by torturing him with The Agonizer. Later on, Hydron seemed to either hallucinate or dream of Lync and Volt telling him that he should be the King instead of Zenoheld. He then challenged Zenoheld to a brawl, and lost despite being able to defeat Farbros and halve Zenoheld's Life Gauge, due to him holding back out of hope his father would see his strength and finally approve of him. He was then thrown in a prison cell along with Gus, proving that Gus was still alive.

In Ultimate Weapon, he was able to escape when Gus tricked him into starting a brawl inside the cells by calling him a lapdog, which angered Hydron, releasing Dryoid and Rex Vulcan who, upon release, broke the cells and allowed both Gus and himself to escape.

In Final Fury, he then fought alongside the brawlers to defeat his father once and for all, and used Dryoid to land the final blow on Farbros, defeating Zenoheld once and for all. He then proceeded to have Dryoid capture Zenoheld and hold him in one of his hands, preventing him from escaping. Just before the explosion of the Alternative System, Hydron looked up and said: "Volt... Lync... I'll be there... soon." It is unknown whether he survived, but, more likely, it is probable that he meant that he was about to die and would join Volt and Lync, suggesting that the "alternate dimension" was really a metaphor for death. Although, Mylene and Shadow Prove were in an actual alternate dimension, so it’s left ambiguous as whether Volt and Lync were killed or sent to an alternate dimension. Unless Hydron threw a Death Bomb off-screen, which would have sent both him and his father to that dimension.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Statues of the New Soldiers


  • Hydron and his father are the only Vexos members with no known surname. This is likely due to their status as royalty.
  • He and Masquerade share the same English and Japanese voice actors.
  • Hydron is the only brawler to defeat Zenoheld in a brawl in the first round.
  • Hydron is the second character who has killed the most amount of people in the Bakugan TV series, the first is the Former Emperor Barodius.
  • He and Nurzak are slightly similar in that they are both Subterra brawlers who turned against their leaders and faced them alone at first. Both won the first round by using special tactics but eventually were outmatched. Finally, both joined the brawlers in the final fight against Zenoheld and Barodius, respectively. But the difference between them is Nurzak survives whereas Hydron commits suicide to kill Zenoheld as nobody wanted him.
  • It is possible Hydron was originally intended to be an Aquos brawler.
    • His name is derived from hydro-, from ancient Greek ὕδωρ (húdor, "water").
    • In Japanese, his Guardian Bakugan is called Dryad. Dryads are beings from Greek mythology associated with nature, springs, and on occasions wells.
    • During the first arc of Bakugan: New Vestroia, he is often seen wearing a blue cloak.
  • In Underground Take Down, it is hinted that he may know Spectra is Keith.
  • Had Zenoheld not abused him, he may not have redeemed.


Hydron's record shows that he is a good brawler. He has won 4/7 of his brawls. Though two losses were because of his opponent cheating by using the custom battle ability (though he was already losing) and because of the Assail System (before then he held a slight advantage).


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Opponent Episode Outcome
Baron Leltoy 28 Win
Marucho Marukura (Tag with Shadow) 35 Lose (due to land pressure being flipped) (Took the Aquos energy)
Dan Kuso, Mira Fermin and Spectra Phantom (Tag with Zenoheld) 41 Win (Due to Trap Field, eliminated)
Volt Luster 46 Lose (Due to Custom Battle Ability)
Lync Volan 47 Win (due to Aluze being unable to fly)
Zenoheld 49 Lose (Due to Assail System)
Zenoheld (Tag with The Resistance, Spectra, and Gus) 52 Win