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For the Bakugan in the Battle Brawlers series, see Hydranoid.

Hydranoid (ヒドラノイド, Hidoranoido?) is a hydra-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet and is the Guardian Bakugan of Benton Dusk. A Ventus Hydranoid is owned by Strata the Hunter.



He's an Aquos Faction seven-headed snake monster. Viciously cruel and abusive toward his opponents, he'd be just as formidable with only one head. Each head is able to attack with different special abilities, and combined, they're a wicked force that leaves few unscathed. His main weakness is that each head has its own idea of how best to approach a battle, which often leaves him fighting against himself.




Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Bakugan: Geogan Rising

Physical Game

As of right now, Hydranoid has not been released. However, prototypes of Hydranoid have been seen in Pyrus, Ventus, and Aurelus during the 2019 New York Toy Fair.

Ability Cards

  • Aquos Lava Breath
  • Growing Hydra:
  • Aqous Ice Shield:
  • Ice Blaze:
  • Shocking Blast:
  • Torching Cyclone:
  • Venom Vaper:
  • Elemental storm



  • Hydranoid's monster form has five heads, exceeding those of Alpha Hydranoid.