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Hurranian Guards are the guards that protect the Omicron lab in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.

Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance[]

Lots of Hurranian Guards appeared guarding the Southeast part of Omicron.

A battling Hurranian Guard first appeared when the Brawlers were trying to find the hidden Hurranian base on the Lake, he was guarding the base and battled against the Brawlers to protect it, but he ultimately lose, and before scaping, he said that they will not find anything, and later he left.

Another Hurranian Guard appeared in Omnicron, when the Brawlers were looking for an Aquos DNA fragment they need to find the secret hidden Hurranian base on the Lake, he brawled against them, but like the previus Guard, he was defeated.

Not too much time passed before the Brawlers found another Hurranian Guard infront of them, who was guarding the forklift area of Omnicron, but still he was no challenge against the Brawlers, and lose.