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Emperor Hurranos, leader of the Hurranians

The Hurranians are an advanced alien race that appears in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. They are led by Emperor Hurranos, who is planning to use their replicating technology to invade New Vestroia.

However, not all Hurranians support his plan; Eva-Q8 defects to the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance upon finding out about it, and most of the Hurranian scientists encountered are either neutral or aid the Resistance when they move to stop Hurranos.



The Hurranians are a cybernetic humanoid race. Their skin tones are a wide variety of inhuman hues, usually tied to whichever attribute Bakugan they gravitate towards.


They have the ability to clone Bakugan, through special cloning machines called Replicators using the DNA of the Sacred Orb.

List of Hurranians

List of Known Cloned Replicator Bakugan


  • Their technology shares some similarities with that of Vestal technology, except that they are more advanced.
  • Several Hurranian names are puns.