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Horridian (Japanese Version: Cerberga (ケルベルガー, Keruberugā?)) is a humanoid Cerberus-like Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Anubias, though he was also used by Ben and Noah. His BakuNano is Aeroblaze.



Horridian is a humanoid Cerberus-like Bakugan. He has black fur, mostly covered by purple-green armor with golden spikes. His tail also has spikes. Even his collar has spikes. His eyes are glowing red and his teeth are as sharp as razor blades.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

He was first used by Anubias to beat a Ventus Raptorix with ease. Horridian was then given to Ben by Anubias, to battle Dan and Drago in Interspace Showdown alongside Bolcanon where he managed to bite his neck and used his Darkus powers as well as Bolcanon's claws to give Drago a hard time. He then used Deadly nightmare to injure Drago while Bolcanon uses Curler Warrior, but a blast gets caused that causes Ben's trap to fall apart. Horridian and Bolcanon then rush towards Drago and attack him using deadly nightmare and Curler Warrior together. but both lost due to Drago using Dragon force striker to block the attacks which almost destroyed Interspace.

In Mechtogan Mayhem, he fought Zenthon alongside Spyron. At first he just fought alone and used Deadly Nightmare which had no effected thanks to Zenthon's shield. Spyron then joined the battle to help out Horridian, but his attack had no effect. Horridian then used Tribal Crusher which ends up useless causing the robot to attack Anubias and Sellon. Him and Spyron then use Tribal Crusher and Myosin Vital together on the Mechtogan and leave it stuck in the water. However Zenthon escaped and left the battle.

In Disconnect, he battled Titanium Dragonoid and lost the first round. However, we won the last two rounds, due to the fact that Drago held back his power during the brawl, so he didn't accidentally summon Zenthon.

In Tri-Twister Take Down, he appeared and defeated the Tri-Twisters and their Cyclone Percivals by using Tribal Crusher while tagging with Krowll.

In Agony of Defeat, he battled Drago and was doing fine until Drago lost control of his powers and released Zenthon. Thus, causing him to lose. However, Dan still got disquallified for summoning Zenthon.

In BakuNano Explosion, he appeared, and battled the Bash Brothers and their Bakugan Spidaro and Ziperator. They start off attacking Horridian with Gill Gear and rain impact. But Horridian doges and uses Wolf and Sheep to protect himself. Spidaro and Ziperator attack again but Anubias pulls out his BakuNano Aeroblaze and dives into attack. Ziperator and Spidaro attack again but Aeroblaze's power is better causing Anubias to win the battle.

In A Royale Pain, Horridian was seen battling Darkus, Subterra, and Ventus Cyclone Percivals while dogging their attacks. but was forced to summon his Mechtogan, Smasheon which helped him wipe the field.

He appeared again in Mind Search, where Ben used him to battle against the Brawlers in the "Capture the Flag" competition. He was shown battling Wolfurio and Boulderon starting off by getting punched by Boulderon. Horridian then used Tribal crusher which Boulderon blocked with his shield. He then used Aeroblaze against them. Wolfurio used Land nice which Horridian manages to dodge and then kept on firing at him. Him and Wolfurio fought in air combat with Horridian getting knocked down Bolcanon and Krakenoid arrived to aid him and gave Wolfurio and Boulderon trouble using their Bakunano's. But then Tristar appeared and used an ability that caused the three of them to escape deep in the sewers. He and Bolcanon later defeat an army of Bakugan such as Spidaro and Raptorix used by Unknown Brawlers. Him, Bolcanon, and Krakenoid all teamed up to beat Tristar with all of them using their Bakunano's attacks but lost when he was hit by Hyper Pulsor's attack thanks to Tristar's quick thinking.

In Re-connection, he battled Taylean and starts off using Tribal Crusher which Taylean doges by using battle blast. He then used end Gardner alpha which gets beaten by Taylean's alter ego ability causing Horridian to lose the fight. However, it was shown Anubias lost on purpose.

In Triple Threat, he battled Trister and Taylean alongside Bolcanon. During the fight both him and Bolcanon used their Bakunano's giving them the advantage. He fought Taylean in air combat. Though Bolcanon was defeated and Horridian was on the verge of defeat, the battle was never finished because of the army of invading Chaos Bakugan.

In Interspace Under Siege, Anubias gave Horridian to Noah to use to fight the Chaos Bakugan. However, Noah didn't use Horridian at all due to being afraid. When Anubias snapped his finger, Horridian left Noah and fought battling Infinity Trister, Infinity Helios Taylean, Wolfurio, and Boulderon alongside Bolcanon, Krakenoid, Spyron, Krowll and Vertexx. He charged at Helios which caused Wolfurio to get in the way. He used deadly nightmare which Wolfurio blocked with his shield. Taylean's Bakunano Hammermor hit him and Bolcanon causing him to fall down. However him and his allies had the Brawlers trapped until Dan and Drago returned.

In A Hero Returns, Horridian battled Titanium Dragonoid and Zenthon alongside Bolcanon, Krakenoid, Spyron, Krowll, Vertexx and an army of Iron Dragonoids Cyclone Percival's and Flash Ingrams. He first battles Drago alone and starts off using deadly nightmare while Krakenoid and Vertex all attack him with Wise wave and Heat Impulse. Drago then used Dragon force Striker on all three of them. Horridian and his allies were not effected. Drago then called Zenthon and the two defeated an army of Chaos Bakugan. Zenthon loses control and attacks all of Interspace. Anubias then equipped Bakunano's to all 6 of his and Sellon's Bakugan. He used Aeroblaze to cause major Damage to Drago. With all of his allies powers and thanks to Hyper Pulsor they will win, but he went back to Anubias in ball form when the field was about to be deleted.

He appeared in True Colours, being used by Anubias yet again and battled Drago alongside Krakenoid and Bolcanon unveiling a powerful card: Death Metal Army. They were later defeated.

He reappeared in Unfinished Business, being used by Anubias against Dan and Drago alongside Bolcanon and Krakenoid. In the Beginning they all equipped themselves with their BakuNano and all attacked Drago who then equipped himself with Sonicanon. Drago doges all the attacks. Horridian then uses his Bakunano to slam Drago to the ground while his teammates cause Drago damage. Drago uses Dragon Force Striker and stuns him, Bolcanon and Krakenoid in place, causing Anubias to yell at his Bakugan to attack. Horridian then fights head on with Drago, but when Krakenoid attacks Drago throws Horridian towards his teammates attack. Horridian then uses End Gardner Alpha to get revenge on Drago for beating Bolcanon. His and Krakenoid's attacks push their foe back. Drago then pulls out his shield by using Meteor Stream and Horridian gets knocked out after trying to break though it.

Since Anubias is no longer alive, it belongs to Mag Mel as shown in Interspace Armageddon, where Horridian battled Infinity Trister, Infinity Helios, Taylean, Wolfurio, Boulderon, Titanium Dragonoid, Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus, and Subterra Ziperators Haos Spidaro, Darkus Clawsaurus and Silent Strike alongside Bolcanon, Krakenoid, Spyron, Krowll, Vertexx, Smasheon, Deezall, Venexus, Venexus Titan Braxion, Miserak, Rockfist and an army of Flash Ingrams, Iron Draganoids, Dreadeon clones and Cyclone Percivals. Horridian battled and defeated Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus, and Subterra Ziperators by using Tribal crusher and striking them with its claws and summoned his Mechtogan; Smasheon. It was later defeated by Slynix Spectra Phantom's Mechtogan alongside the Dreadeon clones. Horridian was likely killed alongside the rest of Anubias' and Sellon's Bakugan and Mechtogan when Interspace was deleted by Marucho.

Ability Cards

  • Deadly Nightmare
  • Tribal Crusher
  • Mangler Claw (Hyper Claw, Japanese version: Murder Claw)
  • End Gardner Alpha (Dark Gardner Alpha, Japanese version: Death Gardner Alpha): Splits Horridian into 3 and makes each Horridian 3x faster, but his current G-Power is cut into thirds.
  • Variant Commando (Japanese version: Hellion Commando)
  • Force Slew: Stops the activation of any defensive abilities by the opponent for the rest of the game.
  • Wolfed Shield (Japanese version: Wolfe Armor)
  • Death Metal Army (requires Bolcanon and Krakenoid) (Darkus, Aquos, Pyrus)

Physical Game

The Haos version has 1020 Gs or 830 Gs, the Subterra version has 830 Gs, and the Pyrus version has 940 Gs. It has been seen in all Attributes. The Aquos Baku Cyclone Strike version has 1020 Gs, the Ventus Baku Lava Storm version has 1040 Gs, and the Subterra Baku Lava Storm version has 1010 Gs.


  • Horridian is based on the Greek underworld gate keeper, Cerberus, a massive three-headed hellhound.
    • He is one of two Bakugan with that basis, the other being Battle Planet's Howlkor
  • Horridian's prototype name is "Ravedian"
  • He's the first Bakugan that can split into three. As Anubias said that End Gardner Alpha "may split his power level into thirds, but makes the pack three times faster".