Hiroki Yasumoto
Actor 3673
Name Hiroki Yasumoto
安元 洋貴
Date of Birth March 16, 1977
Hometown Yamaguchi, Japan
Company Sigma Seven
Hiroki Yasumoto (安元 洋貴, Yasumoto Hiroki?) is a Japanese Voice Actor. Besides starring in several major roles in animes, he has also voiced in video games and has sung in several theme songs. His official site can be found at

Notable Roles

  • Gorem, Hammer Gorem (Bakugan Battle Brawlers)
  • Sado Yasutora (Bleach)
  • Tooga Yagari (Vampire Knight)
  • Justice (Dojin Work)
  • Cain Warlock (Black Blood Brothers)
  • Germany (Axis Powers Hetalia franchise)
  • Masakazu Tōgō (School Rumble Sangakki)
  • Terrakion (Pokemon: the Movie Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice)
  • Bane (The Batman)
  • Bronze Tiger (Batman: the Brave and the Bold)
  • Tadaaki Endo (Ben-To)
  • Izumo (Aquarion Evol)
  • Dradd (Scan2Go)
  • Elfman Strauss (Fairy Tail)
  • Jacknife Dragon (Future Card Buddyfight)
  • Nekomaru Nidai (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair)
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