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Bakugan Card Haos.

The original Haos Attribute symbol

Bakugan New Haos symbol

The new Haos Attribute symbol in Bakugan Battle Planet

Haos (Japanese version: Lumina (ルミナ, Rumina?)) is the Attribute (or Faction) of Light.

The Legendary Soldier of Haos was Lars Lion and the current soldiers are Blade Tigrerra, Saint Nemus, Aranaut, Wolfurio, Reptak, and Aerogan.

In Bakugan: Battle Planet series, the Haos world is now named Haora.


Haos Bakugan have the lowest G-Powers in the game, but strategy and manipulation is the main idea. Haos Bakugan are often in the battle for aid, or switch. They often use abilities such as G-Power Swap and are often credited with winning the battle with the lowest G-Power. Haos Bakugan use very strong Ability Cards such as Haos 2, The Glow, Sagittarius Arrow, Freezing Haos, and Runo's Launcher.

Notable Anime Users[]

Battle Brawlers[]

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Runo Misaki

TigrerraBlade Tigrerra
Aerogan (Temporary)

Klaus von Hertzon El Condor
Baron Leltoy Mega NemusSaint Nemus
Fabia Sheen Aranaut (Former)
Rafe Wolfurio
Julio Santana Tentaclear
Volt Luster (Presumed Deceased)

Mega Brontes (Former)
Boriates (Presumed Destroyed)

Kazarina (Deceased) Lumagrowl
Zenet Surrow Contestir
Captain Elright

Raptorix (Former)

Gus Grav Mega BrontesAlto Brontes
Jin (Deceased) Aranaut

Krowll (Given and taken by Sellon) (Deceased)

Sellon (Deceased) Krowll (Deceased) Iron Dragonoid, Flash Ingram, Cyclone Percival
Anubias (Deceased) Krowll (Deceased) Iron Dragonoid, Flash Ingram, Cyclone Percival
Gunz Lazar

Reptak, Tremblar (Deceased)

Wiseman (Deceased) Tremblar (Deceased)
Dan Kuso Reptak (Temporary)
Illusionary Dan Lars Lion (Deceased)

Video Games[]

Battle Planet/Armored Alliance/Geogan Rising[]

Brawler Guardian Bakugan
Lia Venegas Pegatrix
Geogan Arachnia
Col. Armstrong Tripp Pandoxx (Former)
DEE Mantonoid
Philomena Dusk Apollyon
Everett Ray Maxodon
Jenny Hackett Crustillion

Geogan Mutasect


Color Scheme[]


Bakugan Dimensions Fighting Styles[]


The symbol of the Haos attribute is derived from the Han character for light, (Hikari). Haos may also come from the halo, a bright ring above an angel's head.

List of Haos Bakugan[]


  • After Tigrerra, all Haos Guardian Bakugan of the anime's protagonists have been humanoid warriors.
  • Neathia involves the most amount of Haos Bakugan seen in the anime.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, Haos relies on Willpower, Life and able to regain Life.
  • The only Haos BakuTech Bakugan to have an even number of Crosses is Well Galow.