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Hammermor (Japanese version: Shadow Shield (シャドウシールド, Shadou shiirudo?) is a BakuNano from Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is Taylean's BakuNano in the anime, owned by Shun Kazami.



Hammermor separates into two sharp-bladed weapons that can slice apart even the heaviest armor.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

In Interspace Under Siege, Rafe brought up the usage of BakuNanos and pushed Shun and Marucho to use them as it was their only hope in such a high pressure situation. Later, Shun agreed to their usage and received this Bakunano from Rafe. It was then used by Taylean to fight Team Anubias' Bakugan.

In A Hero Returns, it was used by Taylean but it was defeated when Zenthon went out of control and started attacking Bakugan Interspace because Dan and Drago were out of sync

In Gundalia Under Fire, it was used to defeat a large amount of Chaos Bakugan, but was defeated when Razenoid used Flash Eclipse.

It was used again in Unlocking the Gate, but it didn't do much in the fight.

It was used again in True Colours to defeat some Chaos Bakugan.


The Gold version has 50 Gs and 70 Gs, the Silver version has 50 and 60 Gs and the Copper version has 50 Gs (in a Subterra Mechtogan Extension pack) and 60 Gs (in a BakuNano 2-pack). The G-Power is located on one of its blades.


  • It resembles a Shuriken disk.
  • Only one part of Hammermor can fit on Taylean in toy form because he has only one BakuNano hole. (on his back)
  • In the anime, both pieces have four blades. The toy form has two blades per piece.
  • When spinning in the anime, Hammermor resembles a small-scaled Hurrix.