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Master Spectra, wake up! Did you know Earth has juice in boxes?!

Gus Grav (ガス・グラヴ, Gasu Guravu?) is the right-hand man of Spectra Phantom and a former member of the Vexos organization, until he and his master Spectra betrayed them and been labelled as traitors. He is a Subterra Brawler and is powerful in battle. He used Hexados as a Bakugan Trap and teamed up with the Subterra Rex Vulcan. He was presumed to have died while battling against King Zenoheld. In episode 42, Spectra states that Gus disappeared without a trace, but in episode 49, however, Gus was shown in a prison cell along with Hydron. He tricked Hydron into helping him escape to join Spectra in the final battle against Zenoheld. He and Vulcan later fought in the final battle against Mag Mel and his Chaos Bakugan.


Gus has long, wavy blue hair and green eyes. He has an orange jacket denoting his status as a Subterra brawler, and wears standard Vestal attire underneath. He has tall brown boots and black fingerless gloves.


Gus is a strong brawler and faithful to Spectra, believing that Spectra has the answer to all that has been happening and is willing to follow him no matter what. Gus also tries to look out for Spectra whenever possible; when Spectra decided to bring Mira to the Vexos, as he thought that this plan would backfire on them, which it did. Much like Spectra, he has no true loyalty to Zenoheld or Hydron and went along with Spectra's plans to overthrow them and rule Vestal. His loyalty to Spectra can cause him to act protective towards him such as when he insisted Spectra tell him where he will go while on Earth or when Gus begged Spectra to fight Dan together. In both cases Spectra found it annoying and declined Gus's request due to wanted to see Drago's power. He also recklessly took on Zenoheld to restore Spectra's honor despite the fact that Zenoheld was much stronger than he was and nearly got him killed. Even Spectra is shown to be angry with him at one point on Earth due to Gus acting overprotective. Although Spectra has gotten angry with Gus, the loyalty Gus shows Spectra is not blind, as Spectra is willing to risk his life for Gus in return as shown when he fought Zenoheld to avenge Gus's presumed death.

He revealed that he used to be a normal brawler, and even faced off against Spectra. After losing, however, he pledged his loyalty. He is shown animosity from other Vexos battlers, namely Lync and Mylene, as "Spectra's little pet" and "Spectra's little lapdog." Mira introduces him to Dan as a "weasel, but the top Subterra brawler and a tough opponent." He hates Earth and Prince Hydron, but is fascinated by products on Earth, most notoriously "juice in a box". He calls Apollonir an "old thing" and a "hand me down Bakugan". After entering the mother palace with Spectra, he called Zenoheld an "old man" and an old fool.

However, Gus ended up taking Dan's advice about friendship to the heart, as he came to consider Spectra and his Bakugan his friends. Although, at first, Gus was unsure about Dan and the rest of the Brawlers when they came to aid him and Spectra in defeating Zenoheld once and for all but understood that they had a common enemy. After the battle was over and was informed about everything he missed while being held prisoner by Zenoheld, Gus realized the error of his ways as he joined Spectra in thanking Dan for helping him show the right way and now considers him and the rest of the Brawlers his friends.



Gus used to be a brawler fighting on his own, and one that was a force to be reckoned with. In a tournament in Alpha City one day, however, he fought with Spectra and was known as the new star of New Vestroia. Although his Vulcan put up a good fight by using Viblow, he lost when Viper Helios used Omega. After this fight, Spectra asked him to join him as his right hand man saying the light chooses who can change Vestroia and help improve Vestroia telling Gus he should take the world as his own, which Gus agreed. Since then he has been Spectra's right hand man always calling him "master Spectra" and obeying his every command. He also viewed Brawling as a means to an end and never likes any form of disloyalty towards Spectra.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

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Gus first appeared alongside the other Vexos in Invasion of the Vestals, watching all the Bakugan be captured onto the Vestal Destroyer. He is later shown in Facing Ace talking to Hydron with the Vexos about the powerful Drago with the Prince ordering the Vexos to capture Drago by any means necessary.

In Taste of Defeat, Gus later calls the Vexos to a meeting thanking them for all showing up. Lync Volan asks him to cut to the chaise and Mylene Farrow says that Gus must have a good reason for gathering them all here. Gus tells them that they all (expect for Spectra) have failed their mission in taking down the Battle Brawlers. This shocks Mylene and Lync and angers Shadow Prove, who calls Gus a freak. Spectra adds that the Vexos can't lose again to the Brawlers. Lync and Shadow start to argue which gets broken up by Spectra and Mylene. Spectra lets Gus go to fight the Resistance after Gus says he will prove that the Brawlers can be beaten. Gus then goes out to defeat Dan Kuso after the other members have failed to do so. Once Gus locates Dan in the desert, he lies saying he is studying soil samples. Gus asks Dan why he battles causing Dan to tell him that Bakugan are his friends. When he asks Dan what he will gain from freeing the Bakugan Dan gets confused. Gus tells Dan that battling without purpose is meaningless and tells Dan that they should meet again and calls him by his name. Dan gets confused as to how Gus knows his name. He later reports to Spectra telling him Dan is nothing but a child. Spectra tells him not to underestimate him for Dan could be a strong foe. Gus then remembers how he joined Spectra mentioning that Bakugan was not just a game to him anymore. Gus then ambushes the Resistance in their Mobile Base and tells Dan that he is really a member of the Vexos. Dan challenges Gus to a Brawl which the later excepts. He shows of Premo Vulcan to the Brawlers for the first time and has Dan down for the count after Vulcan's hits Drago hard. Although Dan brings out Scorpion he still wins the first round when Vulcan uses Pyrus Durance. Gus tells Dan that he will show him a battle between men. He brings out Hexados and uses Vulcan's power to put Dan on the edge. Dan shows off his tribble ability causing Gus to wonder if Neo Dragonoid is as strong as Helios. Gus however tells Dan that he battles for power which is why he will win. Vulcan causes damage to Drago by uppercutting him earning Gus the win. Gus retreats telling Dan to give up while he can. Spectra congratulates Gus on his victory, much to the jealousy of Volt Lync Shadow and Mylene.

In Return of a Friend, Despite his victory over Dan, Hydron remains unhappy due to not having Drago and lectures Spectra about it. After Spectra gets off his talk with the Prince, Gus apologies for failing to get Drago. Spectra however did not care saying he accomplished much and that Hydron is a brat who wants his toy. Gus warns Spectra not to mock Hydron as he doesn't know who could be listening. Spectra however shows no concern and tells Gus they have much to do. Gus then deicides to battle Dan again to get Drago and make Spectra proud. Gus sends a message to Dan via hologram inside the Resistance Mobile Base, challenging him to a rematch. Gus tells Dan that if he does except the challenge The Bee will led him right to his location. Dan sneaks away for a rematch with Gus where he meets him out in the open. The two began their battle where Vulcan causes Drago heavy damage. Dan uses a fire shield to block the attack, but Gus still remains victorious due to the power not being enough. The second round starts off with Dan opening up his gate card and throwing scorpion into battle. Gus tries to counter Dan's fire attacks with Pyrus Durance, but Dan uses his power to beat Vulcan and causing Gus to lose the round. Spectra appears right behind Gus and tells Gus he will handle the battle and joins Gus to fight against Dan. Spectra brings out his Hyper Dragonoid to test Drago's power. Gus then throws in Vulcan to take out Drago's Pyrus slayer ability, This caused Dan to struggle until Shun Kazami came to his rescue, Shun used the power of Ingram and Hylash to take out Vulcan causing Gus to lose. Dan then conquered Spectra with a new ability due to Viper Helios taunting Drago about Blade Tigrerra's loss. After the two Vexos lost, Spectra tells Gus to retreat for now causing Gus to leave.

In Cyber Nightmare, Gus is mentioned by a kid in the Japanese version who says he wants to grow up and be as strong as Gus.

In What's the Plan?, Gus appears with Spectra, Mylene and Shadow Prove as a superstar in Alpha City where he is known as the Relentless Gus during the torment's halftime. After the show is over, he and Spectra shrug off Shadow annoying Mylene to accompany her to Beta City. He asks the guards what they have to report. They say fans snuck backstage causing Spectra to be suspicious. Gus asks to check but Spectra assumes it is nothing while flipping his Hyper Dragonoid. Gus checks but the Resistance escapes before he found them.

In Surprise Visitor Gus and Spectra are showing talking to Clay Fermin about Gate cards falling from the sky. Clay says that someone is trying to get into the human world. They find out it is Runo Misaki trying to enter New Vestroia with help from Julie Makimoto and Alice Gehabich. but due to the malfunction of Dr. Michael Gehabich 's teleportation machine, they failed to transport her properly. When the Resistance goes to get Runo back to safety Spectra tells Gus that they should go watch and that their destiny awaits. While Shadow and his Bakugan Sylvee fight Marucho Marukura and Elfin, Gus and Spectra hide near a rock, with Spectra saying that Gus doesn't need to head through the portal, but Gus insists otherwise saying he goes wherever Spectra goes. Lync reports that to Prince Hydron, who reveals his status as a spy. After Runo goes through the portal, Spectra and Gus head to the portal to go to earth and are followed by Lync reminding them that Prince Hydron had not given his consent for them to leave. Gus and Spectra ignore him, however, and go through it regardless.

In Gate Crashers, After the 3 Vexos arrive on Earth Spectra kidnaps Runo while Lync annoys him to the point that Gus challenges Lync to a brawl, but Baron and Mira intervene, causing Gus to run away with Mira in pursuit. Gus later tells Dan about Prince Hydron and how he is Dan's real villain. Spectra revealing that he is actually against Prince Hydron's rule and wants to team up with Dan to take him down. In a show of goodwill, he released Runo. Mira's suspicion of Spectra being her brother Keith only rose because of this action, as she believed that he infiltrated the Vexos to free the Bakugan. However, it is learned that Spectra and Gus only wanted to take down Hydron so that Spectra could succeed in the role of the ruler of the Vestals. Meanwhile, Dan refused to believe Spectra's intentions, and Alice Gehabich soon warped in using Masquerade's warp card while warning Gus and Spectra that they will be taking a trip. She took Spectra, Gus, and Dan back to the lab, where Dr. Michael sent Spectra and Gus back to New Vestroia. Unfortunately, the transporter needed to be repaired before another trip could be made. This left Lync Volan, Mira Fermin, and Baron Leltoy trapped on Earth.

In Unmasked, Gus and Spectra have already made their way back to the brawlers' location, and are seen riding the Gondola Wheel in the amusement park. When Spectra and Gus came out they got the attention of many humans who thought they were a boy band causing Mira and Julie to chase them into a area full of warehouses. Once Mira caught up with them Spectra explained that he wants to save the Bakugan and take Hydron down When Mira challenges Spectra in order to find out if he was her brother, Keith, Gus twists the deal so that he would brawl in Spectra's stead. If Gus lost, Spectra would unmask himself; if Gus won, Mira would join the Vexos. Gus had the advantage until Julie Makimoto, the "original" Subterra master, gave Mira tips on how to win. Although Gus urges Spectra not to reveal himself, Spectra ignores his pleads and does so anyways.

He is later seen living in a warehouse with Spectra in Show Me the Power!,. It is shown that Gus gave Spectra his jacket to sleep in showing how much he cares. One day he returns to the warehouse with food for him and Spectra only to find Spectra gone. Gus worries where his master could be. After Spectra returns from his walk, Gus tells him that he shouldn't go out all alone, causing Spectra to tell Gus that he is not his mom. While eating lunch, Gus asks why they even need the Brawlers to take Hydron down, arguing that he is better than all of them (with the exception of Dan. Spectra however tells Gus he needs the power of the Brawlers' Bakugan to take down Hydron and decides to take Drago by force. He tells Gus to bring him the Bee so he can challenge Dan to a battle. After Dan excepts the challenge, Gus urges Spectra to join him in his fight with Dan saying Vulcan could be helpful. Spectra however declines saying it is a battle he must fight alone. Gus gets worried that the rainy weather isn't right for a battle between Pyrus Bralwers. Spectra and Helios however laugh saying the rain is nothing compared to their power.

After Spectra gets Drago during Dude, Where's My Bakugan?, Gus tells Spectra that their plan to take over New Vestroia will soon come to be and that they will remake New Vestroia in their own image. He gets shocked when Dan, Mira, Runo, Julie, and Baron enter the warehouse, demanding Spectra face Dan. After Dan challenges Spectra to get Drago back, Gus taunts him saying he won't win although is later proven wrong. However, Spectra did not seem to be angered at the loss, saying to Gus that he had collected all of the data he needed from Drago, which he later used to create Cyborg Helios. Spectra later convinced Mira to join the Vexos have Lync join them and had Gus trap Dan and the others in an electrical cage so they would not go back to New Vestroia. Unfortunately for Gus, they escaped and took Dr. Michael Gehabich's Dimension Portal.

Once the Resistance and the Vexos make it back to New Vestroia in Beta City Blues, Gus Spectra and Lync head to Beta City with Gus taunting Mylene Volt and Shadow saying how they used one of the Six Ancient Warriors to return although Volt Luster doesn't believe him. He and Spectra later overhear Lync's conversation with Hydron and smirk at their plans for the future of overthrowing the Prince. Spectra, Gus, Lync and Volt then appeared in the battle arena in Beta City taunting Dan and Baron for falling into their trap. Spectra then leaves causing him, Volt and Lync to watch Shadow and Mylene battle Dan and Baron. When Gus starts explaining about Shield cocoon Lync taunts him asking if Gus was full of fascinating facts. When Mega Nemus gets taken down by Hades Gus gets surprised. After Mylene and Shadow lost, Gus says she lost so she shouldn't be blaming Spectra.

During Brotherly Love, Gus keeps a close watch on Mira in Gamma City, as he doesn't trust her. He then comes into Mira's room and tells her Spectra wants to see her and hands her a dress. He escorts Mira to dinner with Spectra and leaves the siblings alone. After Spectra's chat with Mira he lets his master know telling her a lot of their plan was unwise. Spectra however does not care starting that they need Mira and the Bakugan's power to make their plan a reality. Once the brawlers get to Gamma City in Underground Take Down, Dan, and Ace Grit face off against Gus and Mira. Spectra beforehand had Gus and Mira take the Bakugan that were being developed for Prince Hydron to test for himself. Gus gets worried thinking Mira might mess up, but Spectra tells him he knows Mira won't let them down. On their way Gus tells Mira that she should not let her friends get in the way.

In Wall To Wall Brawl, Dan and Ace agree to fight him and Mira hoping that Mira will come to her sences. Gus warns his opponets that the Resistance is over and they start the battle with Mira using Dark Hound. Dan and Ace throw in Drago and Percival causing Gus to send out Spitarm, but Mira uses Dark hounds abilities preventing him from sending out his Bakugan. Gus demands Mira to stay out of his way. Mira however doesn't care and tells Gus to go after Percival. Gus sends out Spitam and has it attack Percival. As Mira opens Darkness reactor Percival gains power making him take out Gus's Bakugan much to his anger. Gus angrily berates Mira for making such a careless decision. Dan has Drago take out Dark hound causing them to lose the first round. Gus sends out Grafias telling Mira to stay out of the battle. Ace taunts Gus asking him if he can really fight 2 to 1. Gus doesn't care saying he will take them both on and has Graffis defend causing Drago and Percvial have their attacks be useless. Gus explains that if Drago and Percival's power goes up then so does Grafias and taunts Dan and Ace saying they should increase there power more. Mira sends out Grakas Hound causing Gus to tell her to back off. Mira then tells Gus that Spectra needs her to colllect data too. Dan decides to take out Mira and uses Drago's power to attack only for Graks hounds to delfect it back. Dan opens up Pryas recator causing Gus to taunt him because Grafis will gain more power. Mira sends out Fencer. Gus demands to know why she is doing that only for Mira to tell him that she will finish the battle off. Gus has Grafias attack causing Dan to send out Scorpion and Mira sends out Dark hound. Due to Mira purposely throwing the match Scporions power blasts though all three of her Bakugan beating them and letting them be taken by Dan causing Mira to lose. After learning Mira purposely lost he angrily throws her to the ground and declares he wont let Dan and Ace leave after having taken three of his Bakugan. Dan and Ace wont back down and tell him to bring it on. Gus sends out Brachium. Ace has Percival send out Spitarm much to Gus's surprise. Ace then sends out Falcon Fly Dan taunts Gus telling him to bring it on causing Gus to use a double ablity on Spirtarm and Brachuim and then uses an ablity for Grafis. Ace delcares he will use Percival's power to make the shield go away which he does and has Percival and Falcon fly ambush Spitarm. Dan uses Drago and Scorpion to attack all of Gus's Bakugan causing them to get knocked out and making Gus lose. Following his defeat the last Dimension Controller is destroyed causing Gus to run away from the battle field. Gus reports the loss to Spectra who has plans of his own for Mira.

In Ultimate Bakugan, Gus overhears Volt, Mylene and Shadow planning on betraying Spectra Phantom, pinning the blame for their failure all on Spectra and taking Clay Fermin with them to escape punishment from Hydron. Gus goes to Lync Volan, having him go to Spectra for him thinking Lync is still on their side, Lync double-crosses him, knocking him out and locking him up in a room much to Gus's anger. Gus demands why Lync would betray them only for Lync to say that things changed and that it was nothing personal.

In the Japanese version of Final Countdown during the battle between Maxus Helios and Maxus Dragonoid the prison Gus was in got unlocked by the power gained during the Brawl. Gus worries if Spectra is ok.

Later, when Spectra is brawling Dan in the Vexos Motherpalace during Reunion, Gus finds Elico and Mega Brontes, only to be "thrown out like the trash" by Mylene Farrow because she does not think that it is wise to have a weapon with feelings. Gus then rides Premo Vulcan and saves Spectra after his fight with Dan. He also regrets to inform him that Mylene is intending to blame the whole thing on him. Spectra informs him that he did not care and was not planning to return to Vestal anyway. He and Spectra then fled to a distant part of the dimension to plan for their next move. He and Spectra are both labelled as traitors by the Vexos after leaving them for dead.

Arc 2

In Spectra Rises, he had betrayed the Vexos and works with Spectra. He has also made Premo Vulcan, Mega Brontes and Elico evolve due to Chaos Ability X. He also taunts Volt saying that Brontes lost his soul while Spectra fights Dan, Mira, and Marucho.

In Shadow Attack he helps Spectra set up a network for him to appear on Tv where he announces that he is trying to stop Zenoheld.

In Brontes' Betrayal, Volt calls him asking Gus to battle him for Alto Brontes. Spectra tells Gus he should battle Volt since he might join them if he wants Brontes badly enough. Him and Volt meet up and battle in the same area where Zenoheld fought the Ancient Solders, with Volt using his new Bakugan, Boriates. Though Volt proves to be a match for him by beating Hexados, his opponent becomes outmatched by Brontes power. During the battle, he asked Volt why he pretended to be fighting for Brontes' life given his association with Zenoheld and his quest to find the Attribute Energies to power the BT System. He offers Volt to join him and Spectra saying they could use someone with his ability, but the Vexos declines saying he is not a trader. Volt loses after Gus uses a combination of the Gate Card Land Pressure and Brontes's new ability Trance Rapture Illusion. Gus looks at Volt beaten and saying he does not understand his motives. He then returned to Spectra and telling him that he was unsuccessful in getting Volt to join them. He then throws Brontes back into New Vestroia saying that, "You have served your purpose, but now I am done with you".

In All Or Nothing he lets Spectra know that the Vexos have found the Brawlers location and are going after the remaining attribute energies. Spectra, however, sees this as a good thing and has Gus send Dan to his ship where the two of them battle. After Dan defeats Spectra in a battle, Spectra and Gus agree to accompany the Resistance to the Vexos' palace. Spectra then goes to the command bridge and talks to Gus about an anonymous source that gave him information. He reveals shortly that by using data on Bakugan evolution, he planned to bring out even further power from within the Bakugan.

In Avenging Spectra, Spectra and Gus arrive on the Mother Palace along with the Resistance and confront the Vexos. He then challenges Zenoheld after the Vexos insult and accuse Spectra. He loses at the end of the episode, and he presumably lost his life, along with Rex Vulcan. Blast Elico and Hexados however actually died trying to protect him and Vulcan. His last words were to Spectra and wishing him fare well. In the end he apparently learned what Dan had tried to tell him from their first encounter about how much friendship matters because when King Zenoheld told him their battle would cost him everything Gus laughed and said: "No matter what happens you'll never take away the bond of loyalty and friendship that I share with Master Spectra!" and he was greatly upset when Blast Elico and Hexados were destroyed and when Rex Vulcan's armor was cracked, not to mention he apparently grew a giant bond of friendship with Vulcan in the end of the episode. Rex Vulcan and Gus are still alive but in Zenoheld's jail.

In Ambush, Spectra mentions him sadly as he looks though the Bakugan DNA though this was cut in the dub. Shadow also mentions Gus in the Japanese version saying that he and Lync will beat Ace and Marucho just like how Gus was beaten.

In BT: The Final Battle, Spectra tells Zenoheld he will pay for what he did to Gus causing Zenoheld to mock Gus saying he was loyal to his "master Spectra" till the end.

In Exodus, Mira asks Spectra what happened to Gus since he is always by Spectra's side. Spectra sadily tells her that after Gus lost to Zenoheld he disappeared without a trace. Mira then guesses Spectra is helping them to avenge Gus's loss to Zenoheld.

At the end of An Heir To Spare, it is revealed that Gus and Vulcan, survived the battle with Zenoheld and has been imprisoned since then. His cell was located across from Prince Hydron's, and he manages to overhear Hydron vowing to bring down his father.

In Ultimate Weapon, he tricks Hydron into starting a brawl inside the cells and breaking the cells. Gus rejoins Spectra to help fight against King Zenoheld and Farbros. The two do well together, but when Zenoheld merges with the Alternative Weapon System things look grim for them.

In All for One, he watches the arrival of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. When Spectra says that they are on the same side now, Gus says that he never thought he would live to see the day that they joined forces, but at the same time he was glad that they did, since he was almost killed by Zenoheld.

In Final Fury, he fights the Pyrus Fortresses to give the brawlers time to get into the Alternative. Just as he was about to go down, Hydron saved him and he evacuated with the other brawlers. After the Alternative explodes, he joins the Resistance, says farewell to them, and returns to Vestal with Spectra Ace Mira and Baron.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


He reappears in Dark Moon operating the Vestal Destroyer while Spectra was battling the Chaos Bakugan. He also sent Doomtronic to Spectra and Blasterate to Shun and Paige.

He appeared in The Final Takedown battling the Chaos Bakugan and using Rex Vulcan. He and Spectra beat them all while the rest of the Brawlers (minus Dan) beat the Razen Titans. Once the world is saved, he is seen congratulating Dan and Drago then and returns to Vestal with Spectra for good.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


  • Gus's hair long wavy hairstyle resembles to the hairstyle of Michiru Satomi from Cartoon Network's Immortal Grand Prix/IGPX.
  • He and his master Spectra Phantom are the only two brawlers in New Vestroia to use more than one attribute (excluding Maxus pieces).
  • Gus is the only Subterra Brawler seen to battle head-on and win against Dan Kuso in a brawl.
  • Gus Grav is similar in appearance to Hikaru Hazama's mother in the Beyblade: Metal Fusion Series.
  • Gus also strongly resembles Tobias from Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors.
  • He also reassembles Pierce from Pokémon the Series: Black and White.
  • He has another similarity Shindou Takuto from Inazuma Eleven GO.
  • In the dub Mason Brown sounds like him at times despite the fact that they have different voice actors. Constituently both were former Subterra antagonists who later joined the Bralwers in the final fight against Barodius and Zenoheld.
  • Gus's outfit color changed throughout the series. At first it was dark orange and later, it was light orange.
  • Despite being the number 2 Brawler in the Vexos he only won a total of four times in the seasons and had more losses.
  • Dan was the only member of the Resistance that he was able to beat.
  • He and Mira Fermin have two things in common: they both battle with a Subterra attribute and they are both always worried about Keith/Spectra.
  • In episode 33, on the Intermission Screen, Gus and Alto Brontes appeared as Gus was using him in the battle with Volt. However, the Subterra attribute symbol was highlighted despite the fact Alto Brontes was a Haos Bakugan. This is most likely because Gus mainly uses the Subterra attribute.
  • Despite joining the Brawlers, he is not featured in the Japanese Special Ending of episode 52. It can be assumed that he lives with Spectra and Mira.
  • He is referred to as Spectra's "lap dog" since he's so loyal to Spectra, and calls him "Master".
  • In the Japanese version of the 2nd episode of New Vestroia; Mira referred to Gus as "The Greatest Subterra Battler, the Desert Wolf Gus Grav. サブテラ最強のバトラ 砂漠の狼 ガス・グラヴ (Sabutera Saikyou no Battora, Sabaku no Ookami Gasu Gurabu).
  • Like Spectra, he changed his clothes in Mechtanium Surge. In New Vestroia, he had very light brown coat, and black, brown and white suit under it. In Mechtanium Surge, he had brown sweatshirt.
  • At first, Gus used "good", blue ability cards. When he joined Spectra, he changed them to red.
  • In the Japanese preview of Taste of defeat, Dan assumed Gus was Mira's older brother.
  • He is the only Vexos member who never brawled Marucho and Baron.
  • He is the only member of the Vexos other than Spectra (who is Dan's main rival) and Zenoheld (who is the leader) to battle Dan more than once. Ironically all three of them were the only Brawlers in season 2 to beat Dan.
  • In the Japanese version he has a habit of referring to his opponents as pieces of trash.
  • Gus is the only brawler to beat Dan fair and square as Spectra only won due to using a Forbidden Ability Card (which gave Helios more power than he could handle) while Zenoheld won due to using all the power that the trap field had.
  • Much like Baron Leltoy he refers to a Pyrus Brawler (in this case Spectra) as his master much like how Baron refers to Dan (another Pryus brawler) as his master.
  • All of Gus's battles in Arc 2 were against members of the Vexos.
  • Gus being presumed dead only to reappear later would be repated with Sid Arkale, Lena Isis, Jesse Glenn, and Zenet Surrow in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. However while Gus was locked in prison following his loss to Zenoheld, Zenet, Lena Jesse and Sid were shown in stasis tubes. Only Sid escaped leading the rest to be brainwashed by Kazarina.

Episode Appearances


As the second best of the Vexos Gus proves to be a strong Brawler. He was one of the few Brawlers to defeat Dan during season 2. Despite this he has had more losses than wins. His losses were due to some forsaken circumstances. His and Spectra's loss to Dan and Shun was due to Shun surprise attacking him and Vulcan while Helios loses to Drago's perfect core power. His loss to Mira was due to Julie helping her master Subterra power. His and Mira's loss to Dan and Ace was due to Mira purposely losing the battle and causing his Trap Bakugan to be beaten and his loss to Zenoheld was due to Assail Farbros's intense power. However, he has won 1 on 1 battles against both Dan and Volt and helped the brawlers beat Zenoheld and the Chaos Bakugan once and for all.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Brawlers Offscreen Win
Spectra Phantom (Flashback) 5 Lose
Dan Kuso 5 Win
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami (Tag with Spectra) 6 Lose
Mira Fermin 12 Lose
Dan Kuso and Ace Grit (Tag with Mira) 23 Lose
Volt Luster 33 Win
Zenoheld 39 Lose
Hydron 50 No Outcome
Zenoheld (Tag with Spectra) 50 No Outcome
Zenoheld (Tag with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance, Spectra, and Hydron) 51-52 Win
Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Chaos Bakugan army, Dreadeon Clones, and Razen Titans (Tag with the Battle Brawlers, (except Dan), Team Anubias, and Team Sellon) 26 Win