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The Gundalian Agents

The Gundalian Agents (Japanese version: Gundaldian Agents (ガンダルディアのエージェント, Gandarudia no Ējento?)), also known as Ren's Team (レンのチーム, Ren no Chīmu?), are the minor members of the Twelve Orders. There are six members, one using each Attribute, each is an understudy of one of the Twelve Orders. They seem to perform most of the tasks and work for their leaders.

After the Brawlers joined the Neathian side, the Gundalian Agents were spread among the major Twelve Orders and were eliminated one by one due to their failures and Kazarina wanting to shift the blame to others. However, they survived and joined the Neathian side near the end of the Neathian-Gundalian War, minus Sid Arkale (who died earlier after his final battle with Dan alongside Ren in Sid Returns).


Identity Attribute Bakugan Position and Notes
Ren GI
Ren Krawler
Linehalt Former leader, (Betrayed after Sid's death in episode 24) Defected to Neathia; current Commander of the Gundalian Forces
Sid Arkale
Pyrus Rubanoid (Given to Ren Krawler, later to Linus Claude) (Removed and presumed deceased in episode 12, returned but deceased for real in episode 23)
Lena Isis
Phosphos (Removed and presumed deceased in episode 17, returned in episode 32) Defected to Neathia
Jessy glen
Jesse Glenn
Ventus Plitheon (Removed and presumed deceased in episode 18, returned in episode 32) Defected to Neathia
Mason Brown
Subterra Avior (Presumed deceased in episode 19, returned in episode 29) Defected to Neathia
Zenet Surrow
Haos Contestir (Removed and presumed deceased in episode 20, returned in episode 32) Defected to Neathia


It seems that each Gundalian Agent has a member of the Twelve Orders as a partner see during the episode 15 to 20 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.


Gundalian Agents - Gundalian[]

Gundalian Agents - Gundalian Bakugan and Battle Gear[]


  • In the first Japanese intro every Guardian Bakugan of the agents is shown with their battle gear firing to end the song.