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The Castle of Gundalia

Gundalia (Japanese version: Gandaldia (ガンダルディア, Gandarudia?)) is the Gundalians' home world. The city is underground and has been ruled by Emperor Barodius' family for several generations. It is a wasteland, most of which appears to be a swamp. This is also home to some breeds of Bakugan, born from ancestors that left Vestroia; most of these Bakugan are of the Darkus Attribute.


Gundalia seems to have been at relative peace with Neathia prior to the events of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. However, at some point during or before that time, Barodius ursurped the throne and promptly overturned his father's laws. Soon afterwards, he and the Twelve Orders invaded Neathia, beginning the Neathian-Gundalian War. With the tide in Gundalia's favor, Princess Fabia of Neathia sent out the Phantom Data as a distress signal, which was received by Marucho Marukura, Spectra Phantom, and Clay Fermin.

As of the end of the war, the Gundalians are no longer enemies of Neathia. Ren Krawler, Nurzak, Mason, Lena, Zenet, and Jesse Glenn later become allies of Neathia and the Brawlers.

It also appears that the Gundalians and Neathians are very good friends now, seeing how well Paige and Rafe battle and work together. However, it appears that a few, like Anubias, still have evil and dark intentions.

In A Hero Returns, Barodius (reborn as Mag Mel) started to attack Gundalia to get his revenge against his former servants.

Also, prior to Mechtanium Surge, Gundalia was a monarchical government ruled by Emperor Barodius and his ancestors, but from Mechtanium Surge onwards, it appears to be a parliamentary democracy in the vein of most of Europe, Asia, and Africa along with Australia. Now its government, with Prime Minister Nurzak at charge, manages the planet.

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