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Grif Deck (グリフデッキ, Gurifu Dekki?) (Catalogue Number BTD-12) is a set released in the BakuTech Series.

It contains one Haos Ogre Leoness, one Ventus Lashow Falco, one Aquos Goon Ikarus, three Gate Cards, and six Ability Cards.

BTD-12 Grif Deck Packaging

Bakugan Included

Cards Included

Gate Cards:

  • Gold: The Grif Brothers
  • Silver: I'm Angry Now!
  • Copper: Ability Focus Gate

Ability Cards:

  • Red: Grif Reverse Gate, Ability Ribbon Shoot
  • Blue: Ability Ribbon 1, Ability Ribbon 2
  • Green: Ability Ribbon +200, Lashow-Ogre Reverse Gate


  • Grif Deck was once named Destiny Deck (運命デッキ, Unmei Dekki?) tentatively[1].
  • A Special Edition of this deck was released exclusively in Ion Shops. It contains bonus customization stickers for Lashow Falco, Ogre Leoness, Go Dragaon, and Sanzu Hollowbos.