Gorthion is a gorilla-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Lia Venegas.



A big powerful lug, Gorthion is all heart & is fiercely committed throwing himself into harm's way in the blink of an eye to protect Lia. Honorable & strong, Gorthion is a brute who acts before he thinks. He is quick to rage & needs Lia's cool hand to be his guide.


Bakugan Battle Planet

Gorthion was used by Lia in Origin of the Species Part 2, during a friendly battle with Dan, Wynton, & Lightning.

Physical Game

Ability Cards

  • Drum Wave
  • Body Guard
  • Haos Suplex
  • Mega Punch:
  • Beaming Blaster:
  • Dream Illusion:
  • Heroic Strength:
  • Whiteout:
  • Super Shot:
  • Spirit Guide:
  • Ray of Freedom:



  • Gorthion is the second ape-themed Bakugan, the first being Verias.
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