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Goblinball is an anime-exclusive Bakugan that was only seen in Bakugan: New Vestroia.



Goblinball is basically a ball with bat wings, arms, a horn, and an eye in its mouth.

While closed in ball form, it looks like a closed eyeball as an obvious connection to its one large eye. It also has two purple streaks along the top to make it appear to have wings when open. It has a mouth with two red fangs inside. They also have one eyeball inside their mouth. They have two arms, no legs and wings similar to Drago's, and a tail similar to Scorpion's.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

A Goblinball appeared in What's the Plan?, battling Marucho's Wontu. It won the battle against Wontu because Wontu was using an ability that made its head larger, making it lose control and topple over.

When Shun went to New Vestroia, he saw a Goblinball, Wontu and Hynoid.


  • In ball form, it looks similar to Lumitroid.
  • Its eye resembles Exedra's eye on its chest.
  • Certain parts of its ball form resemble parts of Robotallion's ball form.
  • It resembles Tentaclear.