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Go Garyu (轟(ゴウ)ガリュウ, Gō Garyuu?) is a Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description

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Normal (Go Deck)

' (二ビルの愛機。36mm爆丸登場!鋼鉄(はがね)の車輪が爆発的な回転を生み、強じん的なはね上げとメタルの角で敵を蹴散らし自動で開く脚がブレーキとなる!機体を2つに分離させ、別の機体(瞬ホルス)と化合(バインド)することにより、新たな能力を生み出す!?)

Normal (Booster)

' (轟ガリュウがブースターパックとなって登場!銀の差し色がゴールドとなりパワーアップした。パワーレベルは680と660。鋼鉄(はがね)の車輪が爆発的な回転を生み、強じん的なはね上げとメタルの角で敵を蹴散らし自動で開く脚がブレーキとなる!機体を2つに分離させ、別の機体と化合(バインド)することにより、新たな能力を生み出す!?)


BakuTech! Bakugan

Go Garyu is the Guardian Bakugan of Nivil.

Physical Game

Go Garyu was first released in the Go Deck (BTD-09) on 6 April 2013,[1] together with Kal Lukan and War Cry. It was then released individually on 6 July 2013.[2]

Go Garyu is equipped with Bind System in which the front and back Bind Part is blue and orange respectively in regular version. It also has few other features, namely the metallic horn 'Go Horn (轟(ゴウ)ホーン?)', 'Go Wheel (轟(ゴウ)ホイール?)' the metallic strips extending from wing tips and forming rings around Garyu when closed, and 'Go Foot (轟(ゴウ)フット?)' which can open automatically for easier stand.

Pentagon Parameter

  • Attack: ?
  • Defence: ?
  • Occupy: ?
  • Control: ?
  • Stand: ?
  • Total: ?

Gate Card(s)

Ability Card(s)

Fusion Ability Card(s)


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Go Garyu, (Kanyō'on: / Kun: todoroku), means to boom, whose Kanyō'on is also the origin of 'Go'. 'Garyu' may have come from the terms meaning "fanged dragon" (牙竜?), "reclining dragon" (臥竜?), or "one's own style" (我流?).


  • Go Garyu was once named Blue Dragon (ブルードラゴン, Burū Doragon?)[3][4] tentatively.


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