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Go! Rise Dragaon! (いけ! 天(ライズ)ドラガオン!, Ike! Raizu Doragaon!?) is the fifty-first episode and final episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on March 30, 2013.


With five gates conquered and unleashed, the fate of the world now lies in the hands of either the villainous Seis Tavanel or the heroic Rise Dragaon. The two powerful Bakugan continue to clash and grind against each other.

Despite all the efforts of Harubaru and his friends; Seis Tavanel managed to defeat Rise Dragaon. "Zakuro" takes Dragaon's metal parts as his prize and laughs triumphantly at his final victory.

Elsewhere, a blue light glows and breaks free from the rubble. It's none other than Quilt whose thought to have been dead by everyone. Quilt staggers as he looks at the unleashed Gates.

The Heroes, however, didn't want to just give up. Before "Zakuro" unleashed the Pyrus Gate and finalize the destruction of the world; Harubaru's friends all banded together with their metal-deprived Guardian Bakugan to stop the great evil. Even with the heroes' combined efforts, it only took Seis Tavanel a small defensive barrier to fend off all of them. With the heroes pushed aside, the Pyrus Gate slowly rises. "Zakuro" gives them one final insult on how humans are foolishly trying to prevent what has been fated since long ago. Quilt's sudden appearance cuts the debacle, surprising everyone even "Zakuro."

Quilt discusses that in order to secure the future of Bakugan, the temple is used to contain all the evils throughout the course of history. Quilt committed and has been the guardian and overseer for more than a century. Tablets depicting a Bakugan which is able to split in half and combine again is shown. "Zakuro" understood Quilt's conviction but reaffirmed that they are at extreme odds. Still, with Quilt's appearance, everyone regained their morale.

"Zakuro" frowned and everyone was surprised as all the Sechs Tavanel glowed and rose to the sky. With the bond of friendship and renewed courage; all the Sechs Tavanel with incomplete parts are completed. "Zakuro" watches, seemingly despaired, as Quilt explains that Sechs Tavanel is designed to quell all kinds of darkness and evil. All the Sechs Tavanel glowed in multi-colored light, descending down to the rising Pyrus Gate like a meteor shower. Seis Tavanel was directly hit, causing it to writhe in pain. "Zakuro" also writhes as all the Metal Parts he had taken is restored to the heroes' respective Guardian Bakugan. Most notably, Harubaru noticed that his Rise Dragaon's metal parts was transformed from silver into shining gold.  With their Metal Parts restored, the Heroes laid their Bakugan in the Pyrus Monolith and dealt the final blow on Seis Tavanel.

Seis Tavanel and "Zakuro" are knocked aside by the burst of multi-colored light. The monoliths are all back to normal as well. Defeated, "Zakuro" lets out one final word on how much he despises humans and he will return someday. The heavily-damaged Seis Tavanel glowed ominously, teleporting itself and "Zakuro" out of the scene.

With evil quelled and the world saved; Harubaru and his friends rejoiced. They all shared a wonderful moment as the sun sets. Raichi promised to get stronger for the Tavanel Cup while Harubaru agrees that more challenges lie ahead for all of them and it's all just the beginning. Quilt concludes that the future of Bakugan takes off from there.

Featured Brawls

Harubaru Hinode vs "Zakuro"

(This is a continuation of the previous episode's brawl)

Rise Dragaon clashes with Seis Tavanel

Seis Tavanel inflicts Critical K.O. on Rise Dragaon

Winner: "Zakuro"

Team Dragaon, Shadow Sanjushi, Mister Up and Master Shimo vs "Zakuro"

Koh shoots Shield Leoness

Sho shoots Tri Falco

Tatsuma shoots Gif Jinryu

Karashina shoots Borg Mahisas

Jinza shoots Well Galow

Tohga shoots Acro Gezard

Raichi shoots Hollow Munikis

Mister Up shoots Kachia Gell

Mister Down shoots Butta Gill

Harubaru shoots Rise Dragaon

Seis Tavanel fends off and knocks out all of them

Winner: "Zakuro"

Team Dragaon and Shadow Sanjushi vs "Zakuro"

Team Dragaon and Shadow Sanjushi's Seven Sechs Tavanel descent and heavily damages Seis Tavanel

All Metal parts returned

Harubaru shoots Rise Dragaon

Raichi shoots Hollow Munikis

Koh and Sho shoot Shield Leoness and Tri Falco respectively

Tatsuma shoots Gif Jinryu

Tohga, Karashina and Jinza shoot Acro Gezard, Borg Mahisas and Well Galow respectively

Seis Tavanel knocked out

Winner: Team Dragaon and Shadow Sanjushi

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