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Girl Power is the eighty-fifth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


When Lia battles with China Riot, they eventually come to an understanding as China finally realizes she's been set up by Benton/Tiko


The episode begins with the Bakugan Removal Force is still out taking the Bakugan, and the Awesome Ones confront them to stop them, who claim they are creating a brighter future. Tripp sends out Lupitheon, and it turns out Tripp was taken over by the V Virus - Tripp is forced to leave by the grunts.

In the end, the AO couldn't stop the Removal Force, so the only way they can stop them is to find more people to help out, Lia decides to meet with China Riot and tell her that Tiko has possessed Benton and is trying to take over the world. China Riot doesn't care, she tells Lia that she is about to become a princess, a prince has asked for her hand in marriage - Lord Brakken. Lord Brakken then notices Lia and asks her to marry him instead, but Lia doesn't care about being a princess. China says Lia will never be a real princess, their feud ends up having a contest to see who is the best princess. Riot cheats by causing Lia to have disadvantages such as rigging a staircase, hiding food so the bird will come to her, and giving her a heavy riot. Eventually, the two decide to brawl to see who is the strongest princess, Pegatrix and Maxotaur clash and Lia is angry about Riot using tricks to win the competition.

Brakken starts to ask his maids if they want to become his princess, it turns out he wants them to be Lord Tiko's princess, Brakken and Callous have been infected with the V Virus. The commotion of the battle ends up breaking Riot's tiara, Lia apologizes and realizes she really wanted to be a princess. Lia and China Riot decide to team up to make Brakken and Callous pay, with their combined strength Zentaur and Trunkanious are no match and are defeated. With Brakken and Callous out of the way, Riot decides to join Lia and her friends at the end of the episode.

Featured Brawls

  • Lia Venegas (Pegatrix) vs. China Riot (Maxotaur) = No result, interrupted by Brakken and Callous
    • Lia Venegas (Pegatrix) and China Riot (Maxotaur) vs Brakken (Zentaur) and Callous (Trunkanious) = Lia and Riot win

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