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Gillator (ギレーター, Girētā?) is a lizard-like Bakugan & new Guardian Bakugan of Dan Kouzo in Bakugan: Armored Alliance.



Gillator is an ancient Bakugan who is accidently awoken from hibernation. Gillator is often seen as a bit of a curmudgeon. Despite his gruff exterior, deep down he’s a caring, loyal and dedicated Baku-partner.



Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Gillator was found by the Awesome Brawlers when he awoke from a spherical stone where he had slept since ancient times. After being awakened by Dan accidentally droping him on the ground but drops him on a Bakucore, he transforms and rises to larger mode. He questions where he is and the awesome brawlers explained that this is Earth. When he was first seen, he was rude to the other factions but later realizes his mistake.

Bakugan: Geogan Rising

Gillator appeared but still in the process of recovery.


Physical Game

Attribute B-Power
Pyrus 400B (Ultra)
Aquos 600B (Ultra)
Ventus 400B (Ultra)
Darkus 500B (Ultra)
Haos 300B (Ultra)
Aurelus 200B (Ultra)
Diamond 1300 (Ultra)

Ability Cards

  • Sonic Bonfire: Gillator fires a fire beam out of his mouth.
  • Fire Stream
  • Lava Lash
  • Magma Flow
  • Flame Jump
  • Fiery Friend
  • Instabakugear
  • Pyrus Flash Fire
  • Megapyrus



  • Gillator is Dan's second Guardian Bakugan.
  • Gillator resembles to an ankylosauridae dinosaur known as Nodosaurus.