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You need... to watch your mouth, words have consequences, Kazarina.
—Gill to Kazarina

Gill (ギル, Giru?) was the top Pyrus brawler for the Twelve Orders. He used Pyrus Krakix as his Guardian Bakugan and his Battle Gear was Vicer. He was Airzel's mentor. He was the former second in command of Barodius, until Kazarina replaced him. He was killed by Phantom Dharak under Barodius' orders after the latter overheard that he killed Kazarina.


Gill is a calm, cool warrior who pledges loyalty to Emperor Barodius. He has no parents and was brought up by Emperor Barodius, whom he looks up to like an older brother. If ordered by Emperor Barodius, he will go into battle like an obedient soldier regardless of right or wrong. Gill trained the Special Bakugan Team that was in charge of protecting Emperor Barodius. His student and prodigy was Airzel. Gill shows more patience with his subordinates, such as giving Lena Isis advice concerning Kazarina and giving Zenet Surrow a second chance to prove herself, although eventually his patience wears thin at their losses where he takes Zenet out. He also has extreme dislike towards Kazarina to the point when he eventually killed her with her own weapon.


Gill is a calm and cool person, not being angry so easily. His loyal to Emperor Barodius has no limits, going as far as to calling out Rubanoid for defying the Emperor when the latter demanded respect for the their loyalty towards the Emperor. He has much more patience towards his subordinates than most of his fellow Twelve Orders, although his patience does have limits, as seen when Zenet has failed him after giving her a second chance. He tends to be jealous of others who was favored by Emperor Barodius as seen when he feels replaced by Kazarina to become second in command. This could be stemmed from the fact that he was raised by Barodius's family in the past. He doesn't trust others who would used other to save their own skin such as Kazarina.

However, he was willing to betray his subordinates after they are no use to him, as seen when he disposed of Zenet. He has hated towards Kazarina to the point he will eventually kill her with her own weapon. This reckless decsion would cost Gill his life when Barodius found out the truth.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders

Gill first appeared in Revelation beside Emperor Barodius. He seems to want to be close to him, and make sure he's safe. He inquiries about Nurzak's study on the dimensional shift and taunts Kazarina when she knows nothing about Drago. Barodius then tells Gill to tell the Gundalian Agents on Earth that they want Drago to not join the Neathians.

He then appears again in Confrontation telling Barodius that the recruitment of battlers is all going to plan. He then told Sid Arkale to not battle the Brawlers anymore and let Ren handle it much to Sid's jealousy.

In Hostile Takeover He is shown leading Casey, Taylor and the other Brainwashed Brawlers to fight for Gundalia. He is then shown with the other Twelve Orders talking about getting the element and when Barodius told Ren to bring him more battlers from Earth.

In Escape From Darkness He, Emperor Barodius and Kazarina were talking to Ren about not bringing the battle brawlers to their side and Barodius said that if he finds out that Ren betrayed him, he will get punished and Gill also said what Ren is trying to do still doesn't go upon the fact the Battle Brawlers had sided with the Neathians. He is then shown with the other Twelve orders listing as Airzel tells Barodius that the earth kids have helped the Gundalian Solders a lot. Kazarina then says that they should start to break through the first shield. Barodius says that to get such power they will have to take the Element.

He appeared again once in The Secret Package, seeing that bringing battlers from Earth wasn't going that well and he, Kazarina and Airzel joined in the battle and all seemed to be very good brawlers. He reminded Strikeflier and Lumagrowl that their goal to take the Element is serious; before they succeed in destroying Neathia's first security shield and beating the Castle knights. Airzel and Strikeflier then confront Captain Elright, demanding to know where the Element is.

In The Element, Gill called Rubanoid a fool then he used Krakix to stun Rubanoid from behind because he was disrespecting Emperor Barodius. Kazarina then disposed of Rubanoid and Sid to do an experiment.

In The Sacred Orb, he along with the rest of the Twelve Orders, chews out Ren and his team for not convincing the Battle Brawlers to join them instead of the Neathians telling Barodius that they should strike first. He then assisted the other Twelve Orders and brainwashed kids in brawling the Neathians and beating all of them. He battled Captain Elright, who was able to escape from the Gundalians. The two seemed to be evenly matched The battle was going either way until the Sacred Orb sent all Gundalians away.

In the early beginning of Battle For the Second Shield, before Lena Isis and Kazarina battle Shun Kazami and Dan Kuso, he gave Lena some advice: watch her back around Kazarina as she may attempt to use her as a scapegoat if the mission was a failure. At the end of the episode, he has a conversation with Kazarina regarding how Lena seemed to know her plan, implying that she knows he warned her. Gill remarks that in these hard times, barely anyone can be trusted, while Ren is eavesdropping and giving his condolences for her.

In The Secret of the Orb He and Kazarina are shown talking to Barodius with Gill recommending that they strike first. After Kazarina gets ordered to go with Nurzak. Gill tells her to do as she is told and leave the strategizing to the "grown ups".

In Partners 'Til the End, he set off to the second shield to analyze its data so it can be destroyed for good. Ren was supposed to go with him to distract the Neathians but Zenet Surrow copied his appearance and went with him, leaving Ren behind. When "Ren" was acting strange Krakix bumped him on the forehead, forcing Zenet to go back to her true form. After saying she just wanted another chance Gill agreed to let her help. While Zenet was brawling against Shun he was gathering data from the Second Shield. He only succeeded in getting 76% of the data due to Shun tricking Contestir to fire on Krakix. This forced Gill to fight against Shun. He had the upper hand, but due to Shun turning all of Zenet's attacks back at Gill and with Dan showing up to lend a hand, Gill and Zenet lost. As he was about to punish Zenet, Contestir came up with an idea to Zenet spy on the other Twelve Orders for him. After reporting that Nurzak and Kazarina were going to overthrow Barodius, Gill eliminated her.

At the end of Divide and Conquer, Gill says to himself in his mind that he will take Kazarina down one way or another due to his jealousy of her.

In Mobile Assault, he, Airzel, and Stoica stalled the Brawlers by using kids from Bakugan Interspace to fight them. When Stoica complains about their job, Airzel tells him to be quiet as Kazarina might overhear. Still, Gill calms his apprentice by reminding him that they are on a secure communication channel. After the Brawlers defeated all the forces, he calls Kazarina to get more battlers from Earth. After Kazarina called him out for distracting her, Kazarina send Ren to Earth. Gill remark that Ren was the only one left, and he criticized Kazarina for disposing her subordinates for her mistakes, which Kazarina countered by saying he was the one who disposed of Zenet, which he decided to send one member (Stoica) to help Ren on Earth.

In Colossus Dharak he leads more Gundalian Bakugan to battle Dan, Shun, and Jake. Later in the episode he and Stoica use their Battle gear to attack Marucho and Jake's Bakugan. In Dragonoid Colossus, he battles Jake and Coredem and defeats them, then retreats when Linehalt unleashes his power.

In Into the Storm, he was seen briefly at the beginning beating Castle knights trying to destroy the third shield. However, he finds that the third shield has a DNA barrier and retreats to Gundalia to report that to Emperor Barodius.

In Infiltrated, he separates Shun and Marucho from Dan under Barodius' orders and he and Airzel battle them. Although Shun manages to defeat Airzel, Gill still defeats the two of them by utilizing Vicer and a Gate Card that removed Shun and Marucho's Battle Gear. The Brawlers manage to escape them however.

In Final Strike, he becomes frustrated over the fact that Kazarina became Barodius' second-in-command, replacing Gill, thus angering him because he had been loyal to Barodius for many years. He later ends up brawling Ren and Linehalt. During the process, Ren told him about Barodius's lies and true motives to keep him underground; which marks Gill didn't know about it.

In Dream Escape, he battled Ren Krawler to no result as Ren retreated once Dan and Jake were rescued. He later regrouped with the rest of his team, eager to fight the Battle Brawlers now that they had them all where they wanted them. When the Battle Brawlers tried to return to Neathia on Dragonoid Colossus to stop Barodius and Phantom Dharak, they quickly pulled out their Bakugan to stop them from leaving.

In Gundalian Showdown, he battled the brawlers on Gundalia with Kazarina, Airzel and Stoica and lost due to Blitz Dragonoid's new powers. He, along with Stoica and Airzel, was supposed to go to Neathia to help Emperor Barodius, but he stayed on Gundalia supposedly because his ship was damaged.

In Broken Spell, he reappeared when Kazarina runs away from Nurzak. After she insulted him, he assassinated Kazarina, with her own weapon, freeing all who were hypnotized by her. Nobody knows that he was the one who killed her except Barodius, Airzel, Stoica and possibly Nurzak because he had his suspicions.

In Code Eve, he tried to prevent Fabia, Mason and Nurzak from returning to Neathia, but was held off by Aranaut and Avior who battled Krakix. He later got on his ship and returned to help Barodius attack Neathia, he tried to claim that Kazarina was killed by Fabia, but Barodius knew that Gill killed Kazarina from overhearing Stoica and Airzel's conversation. Barodius told Dharak to attack his ship and Gill died from the attack alongside Krakix, Airzel and Strikeflier.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders


Bakugan Dimensions


  • Gill's loyalty to Emperor Barodius is a lot like Gus Grav's loyalty to Spectra Phantom; Gill's loyalty probably stems from being raised by Barodius' family.
  • At the same time Gill was going to be killed, the Sacred Orb reacted the same way same it did with Nurzak, suggesting that Gill, Krakix, Airzel, and Strikeflier may have been transported to the same space between dimensions. However, with their fates left unknown at the end of the series, it is safe to presume them dead.
  • His and Kazarina's rivalry is very similar to Anubias and Sellon's rivalry in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge with both of them trying to win the favor of Barodius/Mag Mel.
  • Gill’s death is ironic for several reasons: he blamed the Brawlers for supposedly damaging his ship hence his reason for not arriving sooner to the battle on Neathia and when he did arrive, his ship was destroyed by Dharak when Barodius revealed that he knew of his betrayal. Additionally, Gill claimed to be loyal to Barodius but ended up being killed by Barodius for betraying him because Gill killed Kazarina, which Gill knew would enrage Barodius evidenced by his reaction before Dharak killed him. He also criticised Kazarina for kissing up to Barodius yet his last lines to Barodius were ones of deception thus showing Gill’s hypocrisy and how he was no better than Kazarina.


Gill is a powerful brawler as most of his battles have been wins and he only lost twice. He was also able to single-handedly defeat Shun and Marucho, the second and third strongest brawlers on Earth at the time.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Order of the Castle Knights (Tag with the Twelve Orders and Gundalian Agents) Offscreen Win
Order of the Castle Knights and Captain Elright (Tag with Airzel, Kazarina and various Brainwashed Brawlers) 11 Win
Sid Arkale 12 Win
Order of the Castle Knights (Tag with the Twelve Orders (except Barodius) and various Brainwashed Brawlers) 14 Win
Captain Elright 14 No Outcome
Order of the Castle Knights 20 Win
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami (Tag with Zenet) 20 Lose
Zenet Surrow 20 Win
Jake Vallory and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Stoica) 24 No Outcome
Jake Vallory 25 Win
Order of the Castle Knights 27 Win
Shun Kazami and Marucho Marukura (Tag with Airzel) 30 Win
Ren Krawler 34-35 No Outcome
The Battle Brawlers (Tag with Kazarina, Stoica, and Airzel) 36 Lose
Fabia Sheen and Mason Brown 38 No Outcome