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Ghost Story! Gachi-BakuBaku Abyss! (怪談!ガチ爆々淵!, Kaiden! Gachi Baku Baku Fuchi!?) is the seventieth episode of BakuTech! Bakugan and the nineteenth episode of BakuTech! Bakugan Gachi. It is scheduled to air on August 10, 2013.


Tatsuma and Nivil are taking a walk in Quilt's Temple. Nivil and Tatsuma are arguing about which way to go. Then, everything turns dark. They see Karashina, Togha, Jinza, Sho, Koh, Raichi and Harubaru shoot a Bakugan. When they look closer, all of them have no face! Even Quilt! They defeat Faceless Harubaru and escape the abyss

Featured Brawls

Tatsuma and Nivil V.S Faceless Harubaru

Harubaru shoots Let's Gao onto En Glides Gate, resulting in a Double Stand

Nivil shoots and stands Gaga Horus

Tatsuma shoots Gif Jinryu, but fails to stand.

Harubaru shoots Jigen Dragoan

Tatsuma miraculously shoots Gif Jinryu in such a way that it causes Gaga Horus to Critical K.O Let's Gao and En Glide, clearing the way for Jigen Dragoan.

Tatsuma and Nivil win.


Characters Seen

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