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Geogan are a type of Bakugan that first appear in Bakugan: Geogan Rising. Geogan are powerful Bakugan-like creatures with elemental crystals growing from their bodies and shaped differently when in ball form.

About Geogan

Geogan usually appear when a person is in trouble or needs help and they are weirdly shaped. In order to summon a Geogan you have to have a GeoCore. After that you throw the GeoCore and it goes above the Bakugan and then makes the Bakugan disappear inside of it. The it flips for a few second the turns down one and throws down a Geogan on a BakuCore. Then the Geogan appears. The Geogan will ask you what you want and after you get what you want the Geogan will disappear replacing it with the Bakugan that disappeared inside the GeoCore. Though it is shown in Episode 7 That if a Geogan is defeated before it finishes the wish, it will disappear and then the Bakugan will come back but instead of it being defeated it will remain at the amount of B Power it had before being put into the GeoCore. In episode 13 it is also revealed that if you ask to defeat a Bakugan but the Bakugan does not get defeated and instead transforms back into ball form and is not defeated, the Geogan will disappear as they can no longer grant the wish.



Bakugan: Geogan Rising

They'll make their full debut in The Search for Geogan!.


List of Geogan



  • Geogan are similar to Bakugan Traps.
  • Geogan did not receive any BakuCores during battle.