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General Phobos is the second main antagonist in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.


General Phobos is in charge of invading New Vestroia. He is the general of the Hurranian Army and he faces the Battle Brawlers only twice in the whole game. He is also the boss of Asteria, Ceros, and Typhoon. He serves Emperor Hurranos.


Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance[]

Phobos first appears on a Hurranian hidden base on the Lake, commenting on the uselessness of his soldiers. Later, after a battle between Dr. Xeron and the Brawlers, Phobos sends Xeron a message informing him that the Emperor ordered the immediate deployment of the latest Replicator. He later sends another transmission call to Xeron, who was in the Forest, informing him that Emperor Hurranos demanded his presence immediately.

He is spotted in the Desert, where he easily bests all the Bakugan in the area. The Brawlers demand him to tell them where Ace is being captive, but he instead replies that they will never see him again and battles them. After his defeat, he only told them that they ensured the success of his plan, and revealed that after invading Vestal, the Hurranians are planning to invade Earth, then disappears.

He reappears alongside Dr. Xeron on the Hurranian Mothership, telling the Brawlers that there was no entry beyond this point and left the fight to Xeron. He appears one more time, after Xeron's defeat, to stop the Brawlers himself. He uses his more powerful Bakugan, Dharak, but was still no match for the Brawlers. Seeing no way to stop them, Phobos ultimately escapes with his minions behind him.



  • In Greek Mythology, Phobos is a minor god of terror.
  • He has black markings under his eyes, similar to a Gundalian.
  • His personality is similar to Barodius/Mag Mel.
  • He is the only Hurranian with wings.