You were never better than me, Dharak!
Fusion Dragonoid , The Final Takedown

Fusion Dragonoid is a humanoid dragon-like Baku Sky Raider Bakugan, the evolution of Titanium Dragonoid and the current Guardian Bakugan of Dan Kuso. He combines with Reptak to create Aeroblitz. His Mechtogan Destroyer is Dragonoid Destroyer. His Bakugan Battle Suit is Doomtronic .



Fusion Dragonid is the first Baku Sky Raider to evolve from the legendary Dragonoid line. His razor sharp wings and infamous horn give him tenacious attack, when he leaps into battle. Only the bravest opponents can measure up to the combined ruthlessness and courage of Fusion Dragonoid. He is the evolution of Titanium Dragonoid.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge

He appeared in The Final Takedown, when Titanium Dragonoid evolved due to the Gate and Key. He then defeats the Evolved Razenoid and returns to Earth with Dan after Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid perish.

He reappeared in Evil Arrival, where he fought against Coredegon's evil Mechtogan and summoned Dragonoid Destroyer.

He appeared in Wiseman Cometh and battled against the Nonet Bakugan.

Ability Cards

  • Dragon Trasher
  • Dragon Burst
  • Dragon Exploder
  • Dragon Energy
  • Fusion Shield
  • Dragon Overcannon
  • Dragon Astro


It fuses with Reptak to become Aeroblitz. The Pyrus version has 890 Gs and an additional 30 + 30 Gs with BakuSnap. The Ventus version has 800 Gs + 70 Gs + 30 Gs. Subterra version has 910 Gs (excluding BakuSnap).





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