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Freezer (フリーザー, Furīzā?) is a squid-like Bakugan.



Freezer is a four eyed Bakugan with a brain incased in glass. It slithers around on the ground on its six tentacles. Its tentacles instantly grow back if sliced off in the heat of battle. Two cannons point out from each side of its head to fire deadly blasts at it opponents. Freezer’s head spins all the way around to see attackers coming from every direction.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

In Invasion of the Vestals, a Haos Freezer is one of the Bakugan recovered from the Vexos after Dan defeats Volt and Lync. Mylene is then shown throwing an Aquos one away, along with Jelldon and Fly Beetle of the same attribute type (on the grounds that they were "useless garbage"). Ace had a Darkus one in a flashback. An unnamed character used a Pyrus Freezer in the Alpha City tournaments.

Ability Cards
  • Freeze Jail (Japanese version: AT Jail): Completely incapacitates an opponent by freezing time around them. (Haos)
  • Anti-Darkus: Nullifies the opponent’s ability if it is Darkus. (Pyrus)

Physical Game[]

There is a button (brain) on Freezer's head that, when pushed, opens Freezer. When opened, push it to see all four of Freezer's eyes. The Darkus version can have 660 Gs or 760 Gs. In the BakuPack or in the BakuBoost Darkus Freezer has 780 Gs. The BakuCore B3 has 690 Gs. The Aquos version has 700 Gs.