Mira's first appearence

The Forest is a very fertile and wooded place in New Vestroia featured in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.

Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance

After Drago had a strange dream where the Bakugan were attacked by an alien species called the Hurranians, he and Dan go to New Vestroia where they end up in the Forest. They were soon attacked Ceros who wanted to steal Drago. As Dan struggled in a battle against him Eva-Q8 appeared to help him defeat Ceros. After his defeat, Ceros injured Drago and escaped.

After the antenna of Eva's Ship was repaired, she received an emergency call from somebody who crashlanded in the forest, and went with Dan to investigate, just to be faced once again by Ceros. Dan defeated him, and it is revealed that Mira was the one who sent the distress signal. When they decided to return to the ship, Typhoon got in their way in an attempt to steal Wilda. Mira was able to defeat him in battle, forcing Typhoon to escape.

When the Brawlers were tracking Dr. Xeron from Eva's Ship at the Lake, they returned to the Forest and found themselves with an Hurranian Scientists called Alee-N8. Eva gently asked him for a Ventus DNA fragment. He claimed that he actually had one with him, and that they must defeat him and win the DNA from him. The Brawlers win the battle and get the DNA, and Ingram gained the ability of activate Ventus powered flying platforms, and allowing the Brawlers to go places they couldn't go before. Few moments later, Drago felt somebody near, who revealed to be Percival, who came with Ace after having a dream of New Vestoia being attacked. Ace however, was captured by Ceros, so Percival teamed up with Eva instead. Eva later battled Dr. Xeron after hearing news about him raising a new army. Dr. Xeron used his most powerful Bakugan, Pyrus Bolcanon, but was defeated. After the battle, General Phobos came to inform Xeron that Emperor Hurranos demanded his presence immediately, and they both escaped.

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