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Forbidden Power Unleashed

Fobidden Power unleashed by Linehalt

The Forbidden Power (禁断の力, Kindan no chikara?) is a hidden power said to be inside every "Dark Bakugan". Linehalt was shown to have this power in Dragonoid Colossus. This power seems to be strong enough to destroy entire worlds or planets; however, it was stopped by Dragonoid Colossus. Linehalt described this as a curse placed on him and all the Bakugan of his kind. Since it has the word "Forbidden" in it, it's possible that Linehalt can use Forbidden Cards such as Chaos Ability X.

In Destiny Revealed, Linehalt finally understands what he should use his Forbidden Power for and uses it to heal the battle-damaged Neathia. His wings also gain an angel-like appearance, which is unusual for a Darkus Bakugan.


  • The first time Linehalt used his Forbidden Power: his mouth, teeth and tongue resemble Venom, a character from the Spider-Man franchise.
    • The second time he used it, his leathery bat-like wings transform into feathered wings, which is a possible reference to fallen angels. However, unlike fallen angels, Linehalt's wings are white/bright-colored instead of black/dark-colored.