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Floria, my darling. Is that you, I hear? Please forgive me for not protecting you.

Floria (フローリア, Furōria?) was Nurzak's daughter who died before the start of the series.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

She was first mentioned in a story Nurzak told Fabia Sheen in Redemption while they were hiding from Kazarina and Stoica. Back when she was alive, Nurzak preferred battling on the front lines over making strategies in the back. Because of this attitude, he led a group of soldiers, which included Floria, in an attack where all, but they were killed in the battle.

Because of this event, Nurzak became more of a strategist than a fighter. While telling Fabia this story, he mentions that she reminds him of Floria. After saving Fabia from being carried away by the water, he has a vision of Floria while being carried away himself. He apologizes for not being able to protect her, but is glad that he managed to save Fabia.