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Flip Bakugan is a kind of Special Treatment Bakugan, all Bakugan in this series have their colors "flipped", for example, Haos Bakugan would normally be grey with gold trim, in Flip treatment, they are gold with white trim. They don't have any effect in battle except being counted as Special Treatment Bakugan. Another name for Flip is Reverse. There are also Flip Battle Gear similar to the regular Flip Bakugan.

Flipped Colors[]

Core Bakugan Attribute[]

  • Aquos - Usually blue with lime-colored trim, but now lime with blue-colored trim.
  • Darkus - Usually black with purple-colored trim, but now purple with black-colored trim.
  • Haos - Usually white with gold-colored trim, but now gold with white-colored trim.
  • Pyrus - Usually red with orange-colored trim, but now orange with red-colored trim.
  • Subterra - Usually brown with tan-colored trim, but now tan with brown-colored trim. This resembles the Gundalian Invaders colour scheme for Subterra Bakugan.
  • Ventus - Usually lime-green with a dark-green colored trim, but now dark-green with a lime-green trim. This resembles the Gundalian Invaders colour scheme for Ventus Bakugan.