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Flare Dragaon (焔(フレア)ドラガオン, Furea Doragaon?) is a dragon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series which is the original form of Dragaon-type. It evolves into Gren Dragaon, then Rise Dragaon and Jigen Dragaon.

Official Description[]

Official Descriptions for Flare Dragaon
Official Product Name Japanese English Translation Reference
Flare Dragaon ' (爆TECH!爆丸の主人公日ノ出春晴の相棒。メタルクロスを装着し最強の攻撃力を手に入れた。灼熱の太陽から生まれた火焔のドラゴン。クロスパーツとソールパーツがコンバートできる。爆TECHシュートでクリティカルK.O.を狙え。?) The partner of Harubaru Hinode. It is a fire dragon born from the hot sun. [1]
Fullmetal Flare Dragaon ' (ドラガオンがゴールドのフルメタルをまとい最高峰の攻撃力と防御力を手に入れた。邪悪な額の紋章がさらなる力を発揮する。パワーレベルは最強の600!?) With golden Metal Cross and Sole, Flare Dragaon has achieved the highest power in attack and defense. The evil crest on its forehead enables it to show more power. [2]
Flare Dragaon G ' (攻撃の最強機が、金色の軽量クロスと、黒きメタルソールをコンバート。絶対安定のスタンドが可能な万能ドラガオンになった。?) [3]
Flare Dragaon S ' (攻撃の最強機焔ドラガオンが、黒きメタルを手に入れた。?) [4]
Flare Dragaon Blue Blaze ' (焔ドラガオンが、蒼き火焔のボディをまとった!しかもパワーレベルは590、600と通常バージョンよりも強い!?) [5]


It is the representative Bakugan in BakuTech series. It specializes in flare type offensive ability and also its combo, thus fierce attack is resulted.


BakuTech! Bakugan[]

Flare Dragaon is the Guardian Bakugan of the main character, Harubaru Hinode. It is originally on the altar of Bakugan Dojo and is the best Bakugan pair with Destroy Munikis according to Master Shimo. When Flare Dragaon on the altar was first saw by Harubaru, it attacted his attention and Harubaru wanted it to become his partner. After Harubaru passing the Shoot Challenge required by Master Shimo, Flare Dragaon is owned by him.

It is shown that Flare Dragaon is equipped with Metal Cross before owned by Harubaru, but only with Normal Cross afterwards until Master Shimo giving Harubaru Metal Cross again after Harubaru trained himself in Bakugan Dojo. Flare Dragaon with Metal Cross was then used to brawl with Raichi, and finally won the brawl by inflicting Critical K.O. on Destroy Munikis.

Dragaon showed its ability to communicate with its owner telepathically in Harubaru VS Koh, Concludes!!.


BakuTech! Bakugan[]

In Self-Evolving Bakugan, together with Destroy Munikis, it is revealed that Flare Dragaon is one of the Bakugan that can evolve by themselves through the unbreakable bond they formed with their brawling partner, which makes them a cut above the rest of the BakuTech.

Physical Game[]

Honoo Dragaon Side

Flare Dragaon is equipped with BakuTech Convert System which enable part exchange within the same type of Bakugan, such as Destroy Munikis. Two Flare Metal Cross are equipped on its arms, making this Bakugan capable for an easy Critical Hit. It also has Two Normal Soles. Flare Dragaon has unusual color combination in Pyrus which has pearl red as its main color and white as its highlight, and is also one of the first Bakugan that uses stickers for decoration. It has a shiny texture as well, which is not owned by most of the Bakugan in BakuTech Series.

Its Pyrus version in BTC-01 comes in 500 Gs, 520 Gs, or 540 Gs. Its Pyrus DX version in the Battle Field DX has 600 Gs.

  • Height: 45mm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Type: Attack and Balance

Pentagon Parameter[]

Flare Dragaon's Pentagon Parameter
Official Product Name Attack (/10) Defense (/10) Occupy(/10) Control(/10) Stand(/10) Total(/50)
Flare Dragaon 8 5 4 4 5 26
Fullmetal Flare Dragaon 10 7 4 4 5 30
Flare Dragaon G 7 6 4 5 6 28
Flare Dragaon S 5 4 4 5 5 23
Flare Dragaon Blue Blaze 7 5 4 5 5 26

Gate Card(s)[]

Ability Card(s)[]


Variations of Flare Dragaon
Image Official Product Name Cross Parts Sole Parts Acquisition G Power Variations
BTC-01 Flare Dragaon Flare Metal Cross Flare Normal Sole BTC-01
Flaredragaon pyrus sp00 Fullmetal Flare Dragaon Fullmetal Flare Metal Cross Destroy Metal Sole Fullmetal Flare BOT-01b
650, 520
Flare Dragaon BTD-01
51W30CnW3lL AA300 Flare Dragaon S Flare GS Metal Cross Flare S Normal Sole BTC-19
51zSyTWOHiL AA300 Flare Dragaon G Van Normal Cross Gold Destroy GS Metal Sole BTC-20
Blueblazedragaon Flare Dragaon Blue Blaze BCV-20
Flare Dragaon C CoroCoro Lucky Draw
Rdragaon Flare Dragaon BakuMetallic CoroCoro Lucky Draw
Whf drag g1 Flare Dragaon Gold BAC 1st Prize
Whf drag s Flare Dragaon Silver BAC 2nd Prize
Whf drag c Flare Dragaon Bronze BAC 3rd Prize
Flare Dragaon Blue Blaze C BTA-22
Gachibaku-img00 Flare Dragaon Seis Color BakuThron Prize
Dragaongowver Flare Dragaon Go Color BakuThron Prize


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Flare Dragaon, (On: en/ Kun: honoo), means flame. 'Dragaon' is derived from the word 'Dragon' and the onomatopoeia for roaring, 'gao'.


  • Flare Dragaon was once named Hero (ヒーロー, Hīrō?) tentatively.
  • Flare Dragaon's diamond is located on his torso, similar to how the Perfect Core is located on Drago's torso.
  • Flare Dragaon's Full Metal version from BOT-01b is the first BakuTech to have a perfect score in any of the statistics of the Pentagon Parameter.
    • The Full Metal Flare Dragaon which appeared in the manga is different from the retail version from BOT-01b. The manga version has the Dragaon base body fitted with Van Falco and Kilan Leoness' Metal Crosses and Destroy Munikis' Metal Soles.
  • Dragaon is said to be Flame Aigle's older brother in the latter's product description.[6]
  • Flare Dragaon has the most color variations of all BakuTech.
  • The name Dragaon was supposed to be Dragonoid's original name.