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Family First is the sixty-second episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Trapped by his father, Shun is forced to battle his own friends, revealing dark secrets about the Kazami family and Masato’s experiments.


The Awesome Ones have a dinner with Ichiro Kazami, with Ichiro telling them that he is aware of the mission Benton Dusk gave them to search for Core Cells. Ichiro questions what Benton's motives are, and Shun responds that Benton wants to create a world where humans and Bakugan can live together in peace by making the Core Cells open source. Ichiro is planning to use the Core Cell for business purposes, profit, and ends the discussion, the talk has failed - but Ichiro still has things to discuss with his son.

Having failed to gain access to the Core Cell, Wynton attached a camera to Lightning in order to investigate the Core Cell device Kazami International Holdings is using. The machine they are using is a "Core Cell Extractor", which extracts energy from the Core Cell, which turns out to still be in the Maze.

Meanwhile, Masato is furious about his project continuously failing, he doesn't want to end up a failure like his father. Magnus continues to look for the camera and finds the camera-equipped Lightning, Lightning and Magnus have a brawl, but Lightning is no match for Magnus and his Nillious. Magnus wins and takes the camera, and Dan, Wynton, and Lia confused to see Magnus on the island - but he is clearly looking for the Core Cell.

Back with Shun and his father, Ichiro explains he indeed cut off their connection, but the Core Cell has re-established the connection. Ichiro wants to remove Masato from his position and wants to replace him with someone else, Shun. Masato watches furiously in the background as his job is being taken away from him. Shun now has a decision, his last chance, work with his father or lose their connection forever!

Featured Brawls

  • Lightning (Howlkor) vs. Magnus Black (Nillious) = Magnus & Nillious win

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