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Falconeer (Japanese version Raptor (ラプター, Raputā?)) is a humanoid falcon-like Bakugan with fast speed and attacks with feathers.


Falconeer can fly amazingly fast, with great maneuverability targeting its prey from high above. It is a bird beast with extreme vision seeing things in the far distance. Most importantly, this special Bakugan can resurrect itself and right any wrong it may have experienced. Defeating it once is simply not enough. It resembles the Egyptian God Ra.[1]

Bakugan Official Handbook

Terror from above! This Bakugan targets its prey from the sky. Magical and mysterious, Falconeer has powerful psychic abilities that enable it to see through things, no matter how far away or what may be blocking it. If you defeat Falconeer, don't celebrate just yet. This phoenix-like creature can resurrect itself and heal any damage it may have obtained.[2]

Bakugan Ultimate Handbook

It's not easy to defeat Falconeer. This fast-flying Bakugan can maneuver at high speed. It uses superior vision to target prey form a distance. And if you are lucky enough to bring Falconeer down-watch out! This amazing creature can resurrect itself and right any wrong it experienced during battle. Only the best brawlers can take Falconeer twice.[3]


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Shuji's Ventus Falconeer could talk and was a tough foe, but Dan and Drago defeated it (CN ver. only).[4] Shun also had a Ventus Falconeer, but it was sent to the Doom Dimension by Masquerade, then returned.[5] Another one was shown trapped in ice.[6]

Dan had a Pyrus Falconeer. Takashi also had a Pyrus one to fight Runo and Marucho.[7]

A Haos Falconeer was seen in Runo's basket of Bakugan.[8] Another one was seen used by an unnamed brawler[9] and in the first season's introduction.

A Subterra Falconeer was seen among Klaus' wall decorations.[9]

An Aquos Falconeer was seen in the box.[10]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

A Ventus Falconeer was captured by a Vestal Destroyer.[11]

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Video Game

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

In the Bakugan Battle Brawlers video game, it is available in all attributes. Dan and Chan Lee have Pyrus Falconeers; Marucho and Jenny have Aquos Falconeers; Runo and Julio have Haos Falconeers; Shun, Shuji, and Komba have Ventus Falconeers; Shuji and Marduk have a Darkus Falconeer, and Billy has a Subterra Falconeer.


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