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Falco versus Leoness (ファルコ対レオネス!, Faruko Tai Reonesu!?) is the 23rd episode of BakuTech! Bakugan. It aired on September 8, 2012.


The fight for the right to join the Tavanel Cup and for the Sechs Tavanel continues in the Grif Zaibatsu's training facility.

Sho originally wanted to support Koh against another brawl versus Harubaru and Raichi but Koh finally had enough of being treated like he needs to be protected. Koh switched to the other side of the Bakuthron DX and pointed fingers at his older brother. Koh proceeds to taunt Sho's lack of skill in brawls, reiterating Van Falco's failure to stand at Gate Cards and other past mishaps that happened. Sho got slightly infuriated and accepted the challenge of his younger brother.

In the first round, Koh's shooting power was so violent that it drove both Van Falco and his Kilan Leoness out of the Gate Card. The following round, Sho tried to inflict Critical K.O. on Kilan Leoness but its defense on BakuTech Pride Rock was too powerful that it tossed out Van Falco. In the next round, Koh failed in his Critical attempt and both brothers' Bakugan stood in the same Gate Card (the Power Battle Phase was cancelled).

In the last round, Sho was able to pull out a miraculous attack with his Van Falco which is powerful enough to drive Kilan Leoness out of the Gate Card. Koh laments at his defeat in the hands of his older brother whom he always thought to be weaker. The two brothers hugged and vowed to support each other again all the way. As the brothers reconcile with each other; Harubaru, Raichi and Tatsuma noticed that Van Falco is shedding out its outer shell and is self-evolving. Raichi noted that it is because of the data bestowed by Rise Dragaon and Hollow Munikis. The episode ends with the newly evolved Tri Falco standing in the Gate Card.

Featured Brawls

Sho Grif vs Koh Grif (1-on-1 Critical K.O. Brawl)

Sho shoots and stands Van Falco

Koh shoots Kilan Leoness. Critical K.O. attempt failed.

Koh stands Kilan Leoness.

Sho shoots Van Falco. Critical K.O. attempt failed.

Sho stands Van Falco.

Koh reshoots and stands Kilan Leoness. Critical K.O. attempt failed.

Koh shoots Kilan Leoness.

Sho shoots Van Falco. Inflicts Critical K.O. on Kilan Leoness.

Winner: Sho

Characters Seen

BakuTech Debut

BakuTech Seen


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Bakugan Bakutech! Episode 23 Valco VS Leoness

Bakugan Bakutech! Episode 23 Valco VS Leoness

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