Fade Ninja (フェード忍者, Fēdo ninja?) is a ninja-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. Used to belong to one of Shun's bodyguards - Toshi, but now passed onto him as one of Shun's new Aquos Bakugan.



Shun acquired this mighty Bakugan from Toshi, also known as the right-hand man of Shun’s father. Like all great Ninjas, his attacks are quiet, fast and precise. His strategy for taking down enemies is surprise. Fade Ninja’s greatest ability is creating mirages of himself, deceiving his opponents into believing they are facing an army.


Bakugan Battle Planet

Physical Game

Attribute B-Power
Aquos 600B (Core)
Pyrus 200B (Core)
Ventus 500B (Core)
Aurelus 100B (Core)
Diamond 1800B (Core)

Ability Cards

  • Aquos Ninja Strike
  • Ninja Suplex:
  • Silent Snare:
  • Cloud Cover:
  • Ninja Giant:
  • Shuryuken:
  • Fading Dash:
  • Hurricane Winds:
  • Deep Dive:
  • Cycling Thoughts:
  • Ninja Gear:
  • Liquid Darts:
  • Ice Sickle:
  • Aquos Breath:
  • Clone Army:
  • Sneak Attack:
  • Freeze:



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