Factory Errors are unintentional mistakes in the manufacturing of Bakugan.

Common Problems

  • Double Gs - Gs on either side of the Bakugan.
  • Misprinted Gs. (Faded G power near the real one).
  • No printed Gs.
  • Won't close properly.
  • Unfinished paint jobs/Wrong paint jobs.
  • Unfinished molding.
  • Mispackaged.
  • Wrong DNA Codes.
  • Extra Cards.
  • Loose parts
  • Bad magnet.
  • Double Bakugan (Ex: 2 Pyrus Krakix in a BakuTriad)
  • No metal for Battle Gear
  • Won't Spin (For Special Attacks, Neo Dragonoid Vortex etc.)
  • No DNA Code
  • No attribute symbol
  • Double Attribute symbols
  • Misprinted Attribute (attribute symbol facing upside down)
  • Misprinted Attribute (wrong attribute symbol)

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