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Explosix Gear (Japanese version: 'Cross Buster' (クロスバスター, Kurosubasutaa?)) is a Battle Gear. It belonged to Dan Kuso and it was used by Lumino Dragonoid. It is part of the Battle Cannons group.



Explosix Gear is a split wing design flier that reaches supersonic speed. A green laser beam on the front detects the slightest of movements. Upon sensing movement, each wing will shoot lethal green darts to penetrate the hardest armor.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders

In Twin Evil, it was first introduced and it helped Lumino Dragonoid defeat Contestir.

In Battle for the Second Shield, it helped Lumino Dragonoid defeat Lumagrowl.

In Sid Returns, it helped Lumino Dragonoid defeat Linehalt and Rubanoid with its Level 2 Ability.

In Colossus Dharak, it was used by Lumino Dragonoid to try and defeat Dharak Colossus, but failed for the first time.

In Jake Returns, it helped Lumino Dragonoid defeat Coredem.

In Genesis, it helped Lumino Dragonoid defeat Dragonoid Colossus. It initially failed the first time it was used but it eventually won with the help of Jakalier.

Ability Cards
  • Explosix Neo (Cross Buster Neo): Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Explosix Gear. (Level 1 class ability)
  • Cross Buster Flame Impact : (Level 2 class ability)


The Gold version has 150 Gs, the Silver version has 140 Gs, and the Copper version has 130 Gs.

The Japanese Gold Version has 180/190/200 Gs.

Reference Card

  • Subterra: Flip a coin. On heads, all Gate bonuses are reduced to zero.
  • Haos: Flip a coin. On heads, all Bakugan with the lowest G-Power wins the battle.


  • This is the strongest non-Japanese Battle Gear so far.
  • Until episode 28, it was called Cross Buster, which is its Japanese name.
  • It looks similar to Nukix Gear in Gear form.
  • Both JetKor's and Explosix Gear's Level 2 Battle Gear Ability is named "Flame Impact".
  • The toy form doesn't have the cannons.
  • Explosix Gear and Destrakon Gear are two of the wave 5 Battle Gears that have been released.(They have been released in Japan and in Europe).
  • There is a cutscene in the Japanese version of Genesis where Lumino Dragonoid uses Explosix Gear at Dragonoid Colossus with a point blank shot. This was deleted in the English verision due to a violent content for kids and was replaced by the scene where Drago uses Explosix at Dragonoid Colossus at the front.
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