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Exokor (Japanese version Gariable (ガリアブル, Gariaburu?)) is the transformation hub for Dharak Colossus.



Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In The Sacred Orb, Exokor debuts in its true form, whilst merged with Dharak, Riptor, and Smashtor.

It is mentioned in The Secret of the Orb, when Kazarina mentions the possibility of upgrading it so as to further increase Dharak Colossus's strength.

Throughout the events of Mobile Assault, Kazarina begins to implement the upgrades. Exokor is shown to be in violent agony during the process, provoking Kazarina to comment on its supposed weakness in doing so.

Emperor Barodius first uses the upgraded Exokor to form Dharak Colossus in Colossus Dharak having him beat Lumino Dragonoid.

In Dragonoid Colossus, Dharak commands it, Riptor, and Smashtor to fight against Linehalt as different pieces in his stead. Later, the pieces combine with Dharak again before soon being defeated by Dragonoid Colossus.

In True Evolution, Exokor, along with Smashtor and Riptor were all defeated by Blitz Dragonoid one by one after an attempt to form Dharak Colossus.


Exokor cannot be played as a support piece in the game and is merely the hub for Dharak Colossus.


  • Throughout most of the anime, Exokor, Smashtor, and Riptor are collectively referred to as just Exokor. During True Evolution however, Dharak exclaims each of their names as they are defeated by Drago.
  • When entered on Bakugan Dimensions, Exokor's code would provide the full Dharak Colossus, as opposed to a separate Battle Gear code.
  • While Riptor and Smashtor are clearly shown returning to ball form after being defeated by Drago's attacks, Exokor is instead engulfed by a giant explosion, and there is no sound or flash of light to indicate that it returned to ball form. Dharak also appears noticeably distressed when it is defeated. It is possible that Exokor was in fact destroyed by Drago.