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Exodus is the 42nd episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It was aired on March 20, 2010.


With the BT System fully armed, the Resistance and Spectra Phantom head to New Vestroia to initiate a mass evacuation. Many Bakugan are sent to Marucho's house on Earth, including the Resistance Bakugan. However, Drago decides to remain behind to ensure that everyone has been rescued, remarking how many lives have been lost to protect New Vestroia, such as Nova Lion, Wavern and also the six Ancient Warriors surrendering their powers to six normal Bakugan. Helios chases after Drago, refusing to allow him to throw away his life, while Helios still has a score to settle with Drago. Dan's Cross Dragonoid and Spectra's Helios MK2 agree to destroy the BT System themselves, as long as Helios can still fight Drago afterwards. However, their powers are not enough. So in a last attempt, Drago lifts the BT System from the ground and lifts it up to the atmosphere. Just as the BT System detonates, Drago hears Wavern's voice telling him to not give up and that he cannot die yet. Drago, given new determination, absorbs the attribute energies from the BT System and evolves into Helix Dragonoid while easily destroying the BT System. He returns to New Vestroia, greeted happily by everyone except Spectra and Helios. Mira Fermin questions Spectra on their terms of partnership, but he declares that still works alone and then returns to his Vestal Destroyer and leaves, but not before Helios declares his continuing rivalry with Drago.

Major events

  • The Resistance and Spectra begin evacuating all of the Bakugan from New Vestroia and sending them to Marucho's house.
  • Drago and Helios begin working to destroy the BT system, but find it is immune to their attacks.
  • Drago lifts the BT System into the atmosphere above New Vestroia, destroying it just as it fires.
  • With the destruction of the BT system, it releases the six attribute energies.
  • Drago absorbs all six attribute energies and evolves into Helix Dragonoid.
  • Spectra leaves the group and reaffirms his bitter rivalry with Dan.

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  • This is one of two episodes that doesn't have any brawling at all.