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Eva-Q8, usually just referred to as Eva, is a female member of the Battle Brawlers in the video game Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. She is an android and a scientist from the Hurranian Dimensional Empire. She came to New Vestroia to study the Bakugan, but she defected when she heard her leaders' plan for invasion.

She replaces Ace, who was captured by the Hurranian army, so Knight Percival joins her as her Guardian Bakugan.

She was originally an assistant of the Hurranian scientist, Dr. Xeron, who manages to take control of her temporarily in the Hurranian mother ship.


Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance[]

Evil Eva awakened after Dr. Xeron used an unknown way to take full control over Eva, and now Eva-Q8 is 100% willing to obey until the last command of her creator, even if that means to attack her comrades, the Battle Brawlers. She even used Percival against them, and Dan saw no other choice than to stop her himself.

After she was defeated, Eva was struggling to snap out of it, but she is a programmed android, and she must obey. Her friends were supporting her old self, giving her strength, and she finally returned to the old and good Eva.


As Evil Eva[]


  • Like several other Hurranian androids, Eva's name is a pun; Eva-Q8 can be read as “evacuate.”
  • She is one of the few female members in the Bakugan universe to use the Darkus attribute.
  • Eva's "Bakugan Brawl” sound clip at the start of battles is the same one used for Mylene Farrow in Bakugan: Defenders of the Core, but with a filter to make her sound more robotic.