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Entry Value Packs (BBT) are Two-Player Bakugan Box Sets released exclusively in Japan under the New Vestroia season. Each BBT have six Bakugan, six Metal Gate Cards, twelve Ability Cards, Japanese DVD explaining Battle Rules, and Paper Battle Mats.

BBT-01 to 0BBT-04 have character-specific and corresponding attribute-colored Bakugan as seen in the TV series.

BBT-01: Dan vs Ace[]

BBT-02: Shun vs HEX (Spectra, Lync and Volt)[]

BBT-03: Defenders (Dan, Ace and Shun) vs HEX (Mylene, Shadow and Gus)[]

BBT-04: Defenders (Dan, Ace, Shun and Marucho) vs HEX (Spectra and Gus) "Super Evolution Battle" Edition[]

BBT-05: Dragonoid vs Dragonoid[]

BBT-05 has six randomly-colored Bakugan.

BBT-06 and BBT-07 have six randomly-colored Bakugan and come in Four different assortment and color types (Type A to D).

BBT-06: Dragon Soldiers[]

All types (Type A, B, C) have a one each of Ventus Dragonoid, Aquos Viper Helios and Darkus Cyborg Helios. The other three included for each type are as follows.

Type A:

Type B:

Type C:

BBT-07: Ultimate Evolution[]

The Bakugan assortment is the same as BBT-04 but of different color assortment in every Type)

Type A

  • Aquos Helios MK II
  • Ventus Minx Elfin
  • Ventus Blast Elico
  • Pyrus Cross Dragonoid (anime colors)
  • Subterra Knight Percival
  • Darkus Master Ingram

Type B

  • Pyrus Helios MK II (black version)
  • Aquos Minx Elfin (anime colors)
  • Darkus Blast Elico
  • Darkus Cross Dragonoid
  • Aquos Knight Percival
  • Pyrus Master Ingram

Type C

  • Darkus Helios MK II
  • Darkus Minx Elfin
  • Aquos Blast Elico (anime colors)
  • Ventus Cross Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Knight Percival
  • Haos Master Ingram

Type D

  • Ventus Helios MK II
  • Pyrus Minx Elfin
  • Pyrus Blast Elico
  • Aquos Cross Dragonoid
  • Darkus Knight Percival (Translucent)
  • Ventus Master Ingram (Translucent)

BTC-28: BakuTech Entry Value Pack[]