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Empeor Hurranos is the main antagonist in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance. He is a Haos Brawler for his empire and the leader of the Hurranians. His second-in-command is General Phobos.


He is the leader of the Hurranians Dimensional Empire. He plans on ruling New Vestroia and Vestal.


Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance

Hurranos first appeared in a transmission of him on the hidden Hurranian base on the Lake, where Dr. Xeron informed him that his six invasion armies were almost generated, and that soon they will be transported to Vestal. He orders Xeron to personally supervise their deployment.

After Ceros' final battle against the Brawlers ended in defeat, Hurranos told Ceros that he failed him for the last time, and mercilessly dragged him to the Hurranian Mothership for an unknown punishment. Hurranos did the same thing to Typhoon and Asteria after both of them failed to defeat the Brawlers.

When the Brawlers finally reach the Hurranian Mothership, a hologram of him congratulates them for managing to get there all by themselves.

Hurranos later states that while the Brawlers may have defeated a lieutenant, they will never defeat his entire army. Hurranos later shows himself again, telling the Brawlers that he will fight them himself this time, bragging that resistance is useless and that they will never leave the ship alive. After his loss, Hurranos mocks them for getting tricked by a hologram before it disappears once again.

Hurranos finally appears in-person during the final stage of the Hurranian Mothership, before the Brawlers challenge him. He orders Dr. Xeron to control his android and take full command over her, which he did.

After Evil Eva is suppressed, and Dr. Xeron ultimately escaped, there were only the Brawlers and Hurranos remained for a final battle. After he tests a little of his full power, he unleashes his full might for the last battle, using not only his, but all his soldiers' Guardian Bakugan. However, even this was not enough to hand him the victory.

After his ultimate defeat, Hurranos started the Hurranian Mothership's self-destruction mode and he, alongside all the Hurranians, escaped. They presumably retreated back to their own world afterwards.



  • He is the first main antagonist to not use Darkus or Pyrus as his main attribute.
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