Emily Black (エミリー・ブラック, Emirī Burakku?) is a character that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. She is Magnus Black's younger sister.


Emily seems to look quite alike from her brother, Magnus.  She has a similar hair color (although her's seems to have some lighter shades of purple in the light, compared to Magnus), an ahoge, and the same persian red eye color.  She is usually bed ridden, but she is usually seen wearing a light pink long sleeve, a (different shaded) pink collar shirt under the long sleeve, an over the knee light purple skirt, knee high white socks, and oxford flat shoes.


Emily has suffered from a serious ailment from a very young age, which is why she is usually bed ridden.  Because of this, Magnus always tries to give the best to her, but this usually comes with a cost for him.  This cost to Magnus always concerns Emily, because as much as Magnus wants the best for her, she wants the best for him.  


She seems to be very kind and caring, as she is with her brother, and when she talked with the Awsome Ones.


Bakugan Battle Planet


Haos Webam (obtained in Nice to Meet You, Bakugan!)


Currently none.


  • Due to her ailment, she is currently not a brawler.
    • After the final battle against Tiko, Emily at some point has obtained a Webam as her partner.
  • Unlike other Haos Bakugan, who are colored white, Emily's Bakugan is colored pink.
    • This makes her the first Brawler to own a pink Bakugan.
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