Eenoch is a demon-like Bakugan & a new Guardian Bakugan of Magnus Black in Bakugan: Armored Alliance.



Eenoch is Magnus’ new Bakugan partner. Similar to his partner, Eenoch is dark and brooding. This Bakugan is a particularly nasty opponent to face in the Bakugan battle arena. He is not a team worker and only helps his fellow bakugan, Nillious, if Magnus urges him.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Physical Game

Attribute B-Power
Darkus 700B (Ultra)
Pyrus 400B (Ultra)
Aquos 600B (Ultra)
Haos 600B (Ultra)
Aurelus 400B (Ultra)
Diamond 1400B (Ultra)

Ability Cards

  • Mouth of Dark Fire
  • Darkus Fortification
  • Shadow Siege



  • Eenoch is Magnus's second Guardian Bakugan.
  • It remains unknown how Magnus got Eenoch.
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